Everyone hurts, the last one kills: a thriller that lets you breathe the thousand atmospheres of Rome

A thriller that makes you breathe atmospheres of Roma and also the scents of Roman cuisine, but not only: the contemporary setting blends with the history and legends of the Eternal City.

It is called “mola salsa”. It was prepared by the Vestals on the occasion of sacrifices with ground spelled, salt and water. The scones were then crumbled and sprinkled on the victims, hence the term immolate.

It is the River Tiber, with its homeless people and the pagan rites of imperial Rome, the great protagonist of the book of Laura Costantini e Loredana Falcone, They all hurt, the last one kills, Il Vento antico editions. It is a somewhat choral novel and a little not. The protagonists are in fact Monica, the young woman who desperately looks for her missing father among the homeless people, the lieutenant of the Vergassola carabinieri and the aging journalist Nemo Rossini, who sometimes stays on the sidelines, but when he emerges one senses that the real protagonist is him.

“What is Rome doing?”

«Let’s hope he loses. I am from Lazio. “

«And in fact you had the face of a burino. Give me n’antro sandwich and make me er account. “

He doesn’t care about being overweight, Nemo Rossini, who, therefore, loves the amatriciana (“free your mind” he claims), smokes a pipe like Maigret but, unlike Maigret, lives in a pension because his wife he gave up. As a journalist, then, it is rather strange.

Just the news. He smelled it, looked for it, teased it. Then he abandoned it. And he felt free.

The starting point of the book is the Tiber, from where, suddenly, corpses of some homeless people begin to surface.

One is a case, two a fatality, four are a curse.

These are not suicides because these corpses have something in common: when they are fished out they wear a white tunic and, subsequently, the autopsy will clarify that they have all been drugged with absinthe. To trace the culprits, the couple formed by lieutenant Quirino Vergassola and Nemo Rossini, a somewhat unlucky journalist given his age and the fact that he works for a newspaper that survives by selling ten thousand copies, will have to go back to myth of Vesta, returned to life after 1618 years.

In short, an excellent yellow with historical excursions, the result of in-depth studies, which is a bit like the working method of Laura Costantini and Loredana Falcone, fifty-year-olds from Rome who have been writing together since high school (but they do it side by side, never using email or chat).

The book that came out in 2010 for Historica (actually with a more appropriate and beautiful title: Pagano River) was reprinted by Il Vento Antico Edizioni. The pair of writers, which boasts a remarkable production not only of detective stories (among all, we remember the excellent book The puzzle of God GoWare editions), has always published only and only for small publishing, but it deserves – and They all hurt, the last one kills is yet another confirmation – wider stages.

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