Urban forest in Milan, there is also Bebe Vio – Ambient & Ambienti

Urban forest in Milan, there is also Bebe Vio – Ambient & Ambienti
Urban forest in Milan, there is also Bebe Vio – Ambient & Ambienti

Sorgenia in the front row for the new urban forest of 500 trees at Parco Nord

She was born a few days ago but is destined to grow very quickly at North Park of Milan the urban forest from Sorgenia, composed by 500 trees. The employees of the company at work, together with the Greeners – the customer community that embraces the cause of environmental activism – ea Baby Saw, testimonial of the company. The forestation activity was carried out in collaboration with Climate Network.

Parco Nord, the green lung of Milan with Sorgenia

The forestry project in the North Park area is developed as part of the activities that contribute to the achievement of sustainability goals SDG 2030. For the city of Milan it is an opportunity to redevelopment of the area and green development which enriches the area of ​​620 hectares of the park of which over 350 are made up of woods, tree-lined avenues and flower beds. The project is part of Rete Clima’s Forestazione Italiana® technical protocol, which provides for the use of native species (such as English oak, Turkey oak, oak) and maintenance activities in the areas

The Greeners at work for the creation of the urban forest


Greeners, the volunteers of the green

The collaboration between Sorgenia and Rete Clima began a year ago with the development of concrete projects in the field of sustainable forest protection for which the community of Greeners was involved, now composed of 41 thousand people, with which the company interacts through digital channels to create virtuous actions aimed at reducing everyone’s impact on the planet.

Among these projects, in addition to the creation of the urban forest at the North Park and its certification, the Greeners have contributed to theadoption of an existing forest at the Pizzo Badile consortium (Gaver plain and Crocedomini pass), allowing the area to be increased by a further 20 thousand square meters. The commitment also made it possible to initiate extraordinary interventions aimed at safeguarding it over time and improving its CO2 absorption.


Urban forest Milan Bebe Vio Ambient Ambienti

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