Padua, Cartabia: “In Italy too many laws, investigations, prison and prescribed trials”

Padua, Cartabia: “In Italy too many laws, investigations, prison and prescribed trials”
Padua, Cartabia: “In Italy too many laws, investigations, prison and prescribed trials”

Padua, 23 October 2021 – In Italy there are “too many investigations and too many trials: more than 35% of these end up in acquittals ” Minister of Justice, Marta Cartabia, in Padua at the conference “Public authorities and citizens’ freedom“- inside ‘Padua reads‘, also stressing “that the statute of limitations affects 37% of trials in the preliminary investigation phase and 65% within the first degree. There is a problem of the number of registrations, of the ability to complete them and of the timing with which they take place “, all reasons that have prompted the reform in progress.
Don’t call it the Cartabia reform, is the result of a combination of needs, contributions and collaborations “added the Minister of Justice, underlining that” the work is open “and” the Constitution is the element that guides the steps of the reform “.

“Too much prison for short sentences”, better “alternative sanctions”

During her speech in Padua, the Minister pointed the finger at the “too much prison” existing in Italy. “There are still too many problems – he explained – such asuse of pre-trial detention in prison already the subject of very careful reflection in the last Council of Ministers of Europe. How many detentions in prison are there for short sentences in which in fact people are exposed to a crime for which there is a risk of obtaining effects contrary to that of re-education? “.
Cartabia then launched the proposal to “penalties replaced to short prison sentences to avoid unnecessary jail trips that are disruptive for the prison and the people “and which risk being a useless waste of time for the entire judicial system.

Abuse of criminal law: “Aggravating or increasing sentences” to solve problems

The power to punish, “as terrible as it is necessary”, remarked the Minister, has taken on “exorbitant dimensions and not only in Italy: a ‘pan-criminalism’ made up of abuse and invasiveness of criminal law” for which “creating aggravating circumstances or increasing penalties is the shortcut“with which problems are answered.
According to the Keeper of the Seals, there are “too many laws, too many rules, too many processes and perhaps too many investigations dropped and too much prison” and in the face of these, a parliamentary phase should be introduced in which, before making an intervention, we should go and see what effect this can do. produce on the entire legal system, on the prison or on its overcrowding and on the very possibility of giving effective application of the law “.

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