Naples, Spalletti’s speech to the fans before leaving for Rome: video

It quickly went viral in the universe Naples the video it portrays Luciano Spalletti with some fans before leaving for Roma. His speech was eagerly awaited by the ultras who silenced each other to better listen to the words of a coach who evidently won them over.

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Spalletti, speech to the fans before the departure of Napoli for Rome

Spalletti’s words to the fans

These are the words spoken by Luciano Spalletti to the Napoli fans: Thanks for your closeness, it is very important to us. We need to defend the players, they are the important ones. Loving the players is fundamental e you are an added force. It’s a lot of stuff if you stay close to it. “

Spalletti and his series on Totti:

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Spalletti and his series on Totti: “I hope de died later”


Naples Spallettis speech fans leaving Rome video

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