Milan, square and extra-large bench excess of tactical urbanism –

Milan, square and extra-large bench excess of tactical urbanism –
Milan, square and extra-large bench excess of tactical urbanism –

Dear Slaves,
piazza Angilberto al Corvetto (in the picture) and it was an unlivable place in itself. But an existential void cannot be filled with tactical urbanism, placing 15 benches attached to each other in 30 square meters and making the concept of space superfluous. It would be enough to cite the teachings of the urban planner Camillo Sitte to realize that there is a distortion between space and place. Stacked benches and ping pong tables are the expression of not wanting to design with ideas. I don’t mean structured ideas, but at least innovative and don’t throw the case away… Stop, please.
Stefano Priori

Do you know what Guido Martinotti, a great sociologist with the vocation of the urban planner, said when he saw a certain dazzling propaganda of the rulers? Smoke in your eyes. Tactical urbanism is a little bit of this and a little bit more, a solution that does not solve but tries to give a temporary and low-cost answer to the lack of spaces for liveability in urban centers. Milan has the name of tactical urbanism in other areas, from piazzale Bacone to via Pacini, for example: in the first case the result is so-so, in the other the experiment of removing the cars from the traffic island to put the tables has made the area more animated. Similar experiments have been started in piazza Dergano, Porta Genova and via Venini, again with the idea of ​​remodeling the spaces, removing cars and bringing elements of sociality. In other cases, tactics have touched a nerve, such as Corso Buenos Aires, Corso Venezia and Via Fatebenefratelli, where the cycle paths have created narrowings and traffic funnels, with exaggerated queues and soaring smog. Tactical urbanism – which the Municipality has started in 2018, borrowed from New York and other European capitals – is destined to expand into the neighborhoods, which have become a laboratory of innovation. But certain exaggerations from smoke in the eyes should be avoided: the extra-large benches, so to speak. We like benches, but the long ones in piazzale Angilberto are good for a group. The trouble that sometimes the provisional becomes definitive …
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23 October 2021 | 09:59



Milan square extralarge bench excess tactical urbanism Corriereit

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