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Expensive gasoline is becoming a major problem. For this, a bonus has been set up to help the middle classes cope with price increases

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Once upon a time there was the period of lockdown where the price of the gas it had dropped to historic lows. Little by little, however, with a return to regular rhythms of life, the trend is rising again and for lower-middle income brackets is a problem of no small importance.

A situation that, however, contrary to what one might think, is not only worrying in Italy, but also in France, where is the first Jean Castex, announced help from the government to cope with the increase soaring fuel costs, which is hitting record levels.

Petrol bonus 100 euros: to whom it is intended

In practice, an economic aid of 100 euros will be given to allow those who need it to be able to meet this expense. The right arm of Emmanuel Macron he also assured that the gas price will be frozen throughout 2022.

Of course, the most malicious see it as a move to gain support given that there are about 6 months to go until the next French presidential elections. But who will be granted this important benefit?

All French citizens who earn less than 2000 euros net per month are entitled to it. The bonus will be paid without any action being required and will not be subject to social security contributions either income taxes.

In particular, the subsidy was designed for those who use their own car to go to work, but also to unemployed self-employed workers looking for work and retirees. In total, it will affect approximately 38 million people.

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And theItaly? For the moment it remains to watch without taking into consideration any kind of measure. The government in fact it is grappling with the maneuver and other issues and has nothing planned from this point of view.

Yet help would be needed since this factor mixed with the increase in inflation has generated a rise in prices also for basic necessities.

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