Tragedy in the Apennines, a cyclist on a mountain bike dies in the fall on a cliff

Tragedy in the Apennines above Ridracoli. A 68-year-old man living in Viareggio died during a mountain bike trip. This is what happened on Saturday afternoon around 5 pm during the excursion. The incident took place in Casanova dell’Alpe, in the municipality of Bagno di Romagna, a mountain area not far from the Ridracoli dam which can be reached from Poggio alla Lastra. The cyclist fell several meters into an escarpment while in the company of another mountain bike enthusiast, who raised the alarm. The causes are being investigated by the Carabinieri. It is not excluded that an illness caused the fall and death. The Alpine Rescue teams for technical operations are also on site.


Tragedy Apennines cyclist mountain bike dies fall cliff

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