Claudio Baglioni, the red light background with Lucio Battisti

At the Rome Film Fest Claudio Baglioni was welcomed among the choirs, applause and banners of his fans: the singer-songwriter was the protagonist of an appointment in the series “Close Encounters”, to talk about his relationship with cinema and revealed some background on his career and a real role “Particular” offered to him at the beginning of his career.

Claudio Baglioni, the role you do not expect

In the midst of its success, in 1978, Claudio Baglioni was offered a decidedly sui generis role. A real revelation by the singer-songwriter, who in his extraordinary career said no to a very particular request: “There were scenes of piling up on the spaceships. They had set it in 3000. It fit perfectly with the things I wrote and sang at the time, ”he revealed self-mockingly at the meeting at the Rome Film Fest.

The one that around the mid-80s should have turned with Lucio Battisti: “A sort of crime novel, but there were only two criminals: me and him. It ended in a bloody way: the character played by Lucio was murdered in a fight. Then nothing came of it, ”he said.

Claudio Baglioni, his first memories related to cinema

Not only revelations during his speech at the Rome Festival: Claudio Baglioni in fact let himself go to different confessions about his relationship with the big screen, from the first times in the cinema, to childhood moments related to the films that have marked his life, to the best memories with the people he loved.

The first film seen on the big screen is linked to a sweet memory and a nice anecdote: “Era Zorro against Maciste, the strong man faced the masked man, a very particular film, I saw him in a parish hall, in Rome they called them the Lice. The real first film, however, was not in a cinema, I still use this somewhat obsolete term. I told Gabriele Muccino the other night, I think he had colic, he told me that we don’t say that anymore. My father built a wooden screen and turned images taken from magazines using a crank… this was my first cinema ”.

Claudio Baglioni, the favorite film and the experience with Zeffirelli

When asked about his favorite film, Baglioni had no doubts: “Blade Runner by Ridley Scott. I loved the soundtrack of Vangelis madly, who had arranged the album for me And you… I met him thanks to his brother, who lived in Italy. He told me he had fallen in love with This little big love and fell asleep with that record. It seemed like an offense to me, but so be it, ”he admitted.

Then in ’72 he had the opportunity to work with Zeffirelli, composing the soundtrack of Brother sun, sister moon: “Before me he had tried to work with Donovan, then they quarreled. At that time, before the boom, I spent my days at the Roman RCA bar in via Tiburtina, waiting for the big opportunity. I tried. It went very well ”.

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