GF Vip, Miriana and Nicola answer to Mirigliani: magone for Trevisan

GF Vip, Miriana and Nicola answer to Mirigliani: magone for Trevisan
GF Vip, Miriana and Nicola answer to Mirigliani: magone for Trevisan

Big Brother Vip

Alfonso Signorini showed the showgirl the attacks arrived this week by the staff and Pisu’s mother, Adriana Volpe is not there

Published on October 22, 2021

Per Miriana Trevisan the moment has come that he suspected would come. To the Big Brother Vip 6 has been very close for a few days to Nicola Pisu, but for her it is still an acquaintance. He said he is already in love, he does not hide that he has lost his mind, but Miriana prefers to stall. She is still not sure about this possible relationship, she wants to get to know him better first. This taking his time for someone is strange, as if it were not possible to want to know a person and not immediately lose his head. There is one among the people who are not convinced of this closeness Patrizia Mirigliani, Nicola’s mother.

During the week came a hard attack on Trevisan from Patrizia and Pisu’s staff. Tonight Signorini has informed those directly concerned of what is happening outside and Miriana has not taken it very well. Or rather, she tried to replicate the attack received in a sporty way, but it was evident that she was hurt by the words she read. Not so much from “don’t get fooled” by mother Patrizia as from being compared to the witch Amelia by Nicola’s Instagram staff. When Signorini showed mother Mirigliani’s post, the first to understand the acronym was Miriana. Nicola Pisu is not sure what it means “don’t be fooled”, but in this case he would answer like this:

“Assuming that it means that, I always try to see the good. I don’t feel fooled anyway, that’s what I say. I am a grown man, I can choose who to be with. She has always been very protective, she doesn’t do it on purpose “

Miriana meanwhile stressed that Nicola is an adult man and can make his own choices. But then he tried to understand Patrizia Mirigliani: “I understand her very well as a mother. I was not disappointed “. In reality her eyes became shiny, there were no tears but they were still shiny compared to before. The real blow came with the other post, that of Nicola’s profile.

Pisu explained that whoever manages her profile now is a girl who works with the Miss Italia team, so she knows her mother Patrizia. According to Alfonso, Mirigliani might have a hand in this second post too, but Pisu is not of the same opinion. In this second post, Miriana Trevisan was compared to a witch. She was ready for criticism, but while she answered his voice at one point broke for the Magone:

“I do not know what to say. I knew I had to take responsibility because I like a younger guy. I said you will see that they will touch me and not him. They disturb me, which is why I have taken certain distances. I imagined it could happen “

Nicola claimed that he was now a man and had to decide for himself, without the intervention of his mother. “Your mother doesn’t consider you a man if she talks like that”Trevisan immediately retorted. Even the commentators did not greatly appreciate this interference by Patrizia Mirigliani, in truth. Mostly Adriana Volpe, who commented:

“The interference of Nicola’s mother seems very heavy to me. They are doing well, it all started on tiptoe. He does a delicate courtship, she is buying time. This one really seemed a bit heavy, I’m sorry “

Per Sonia BruganelliInstead, Nicola’s mother intervened in this way because at the moment she aims to see her son reach his serenity. However, he agrees with Miriana that Mirigliani should let her son make his choices. Miriana Trevisan will distance herself from Nicola Pisu after these news? She did not hide the fact that she was disturbed by it …

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