Bolzano, Sicily and Marche: where the workers are No vax and without Green pass

The fact that there are a million workers without a Green Pass is confirmed today by the CGIA of Mestre, a historic association of artisans and small businesses that often provides statistical data on its members. But the picture drawn by the Research Department also tells something more. That is, it estimates in which regions there are the greatest number of unvaccinated employees. As a percentage of the total in the age group from 20 to 64 years. And so it turns out that at the territorial level the estimate of the number of employees not yet vaccinated sees the Autonomous Province of Bolzano at the top of the list with 42,150 No vax, equal to 17.5% of the total employed. Following is Sicily with 204,605 ​​employees without any vaccine (15.7% of the total), then the Marche with 91,105 workers without any immunization (15.1% of the total), and Valle d’Aosta with 7,872 (15 % of the total). At the macro-area level, however, it is the South that has the largest number of employees without vaccines: 767 thousand people, equal to 13.1% of the total.

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Bolzano Sicily Marche workers vax Green pass

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