“Fever, loss of taste and smell. Then came the collapse “

“Fever, loss of taste and smell. Then came the collapse “
“Fever, loss of taste and smell. Then came the collapse “

“The vaccine it is the only salvation. Why the Covid it is much more subtle than it may seem. One who has it tells you life blocked for 7 months. And it has contracted as asymptomatic». Silvia Previti, 31 years old (Treviso) he was able to get vaccinated on September 30th: «An immense joy». His is one of the first sindromi da Long Covid certified. A difficult diagnosis, born after months of dead ends, exams in place but of increasingly disabling physical conditions. Young, healthy, a job in culture, a life. Then comes the pandemic.

«My contagion happened for contact in the family in March 2021. During my ten days of positivity I had of all the mildest symptoms: 37.5 of temperature constants, lost from like e smell, exhaustion and nothing more ». She thought it had gone well: “Yes, because I saw my father with the oxygen bottle. And my mother feel bad. They have had severe symptoms. I took care of everyone, I was better than them ».

Stroke, encephalopathy, cognitive disorders: all the neurological effects of Covid. Data at the world congress of neurology

Then things start to get worse. “When more or less all of us have become negativized I had a breakdown. I thought it was understandable fatigue, after-effects of fear and stress. But that low-grade fever does not pass. And I alert the doctor ». A via crucis of exams begins. But the outcome is always the same: there is nothing. «With my doctor we began to investigate with blood tests, chest x-ray, ecg and gait test because I realized that my pace was limping and breathing hard was felt despite saturating 99 fixed. Everything ok, the only anomalous value is a slight positivity to ANA (autoantibodies), but everyone reassures me. They told me it was a psychosomatic disorder, a momentary fatigue. It was necessary to have patience ». In the second month Silvia begins to really worry: pounding headaches, nausea, dizziness. “I could no longer read or trust myself to go out on my own due to dizziness and weakness. In June, the situation explodes with bruises on the legs. I feel them hard, heavy, I really struggle even in the slightest movements. Yet the circulation is perfect ».

No vax, a Covid party to get infected and avoid the vaccine. But they end up in intensive care

The answer comes from a neurologist, after electromyography. And it is unsettling: «Someone must have the courage to tell the unfortunate like you that you still have Covid. You are no longer positive for the swab, you are no longer contagious but the damned has nested in your organism and in each one it still manifests itself with subtle and different symptoms ». At that point Silvia tries to understand: through Morena Colombi’s Facebook group Long Covid she realizes that there are other stories similar to hers. Thus, paradoxically, a small ascent begins. «They direct me to the Motta di Livenza center, where rehabilitation is done for patients who have been in intensive care. I arrive and disrupt the rhythms a bit. I’m the youngest, I haven’t even seen the hospital. My symptoms are very similar to those of autoimmune diseases and peripheral neuropathies ».

How’s it going now? “A little better. I was finally able to get the vaccine and rehabilitation helps. But it is difficult for us. We are the living witnesses of a new syndrome recognized only now, we are important for science and to make it clear to those who still think that Covid is just an influence that is not the case at all. This is why I tell everyone to get vaccinated. And do it now. Before the monster lurks. ‘


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