Baglioni star at the Rome Film Festival “The cinema? I envy him” – Cinema

Baglioni star at the Rome Film Festival “The cinema? I envy him” – Cinema
Baglioni star at the Rome Film Festival “The cinema? I envy him” – Cinema

‘You are the reason that leads to madness’ this is the sign that stood out in the serious and evocative cavea of ​​the Auditoriun Parco della musica tonight among a crowd, usually middle-aged women, ready to celebrate a legend of pop music: Claudio Baglioni. In short, cheering from the concert to the cry of ‘Claudio, Claudio’ at the Film Festival which welcomed the seventy-year-old Roman singer-songwriter with great warmth. What’s Baglioni doing at a film event? He held a ‘close encounter’, conducted by the artistic director Antonio Monda, in which he talked about his passion for cinema, second only to that of music (‘sometimes I feel envious of the strength of cinema’, he said at one point in the ‘encounter). And this the day after attending the Opera House – also to celebrate his 50 years of career – at the screening of the opera-concert taken from his latest album of unreleased tracks entitled IN THIS STORY THAT IS MY. A concert that will then arrive in theaters, thanks to Medusa, for three days: 2, 3 and 4 November. Baglioni has also announced his next tourne’e: 50 concerts that will start from the Opera House. ‘Why I do it – he said addressing the adoring audience in the hall -: simple, I can no longer not sing’. First film seen? ‘If I remember correctly in Centocelle, in 57, in one of those parish cinemas that we Romans call’ lice ‘, I saw ZORRO VS MACISTE. Strange that these two characters so far away in time would meet and challenge each other, but then it happened like this and nobody paid any attention to it. The Roman singer-songwriter then cites among his favorites THE WIZARD OF OZ, BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY and ROCCO AND HIS BROTHERS (‘I think I saw it due to a mistake by my father because there were some scenes that made people discuss’). The movie of life? ‘Ridley Scott’s BLADE RUNNER certainly also for the professional friendship I had with his Greek musician Vangelis, founder of Aphrodite’s Child. And then it’s an extraordinary film, the latest made with non-digital special effects’. The singer then showed the commercial, conceived and directed by Giuseppe Tornatore with his music for Medicinema, the campaign to support the construction of the first cinema hall integrated into a hospital in Italy. In this regard he said: ‘It is good for artists to apologize for their success, many say that you do these things to make yourself beautiful, but that’s not the case. We must be at war against misfortunes’. (HANDLE).


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Baglioni star Rome Film Festival cinema envy Cinema

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