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Against the 5S, indeed no: Calenda’s “variable alliances”

Against the 5S, indeed no: Calenda’s “variable alliances”
Against the 5S, indeed no: Calenda’s “variable alliances”

Carlo Calenda he is against the alliance with the 5 Star Movement, but also in favor of it. It is no longer the era of Walter Veltoni’s “maanchismo”, but the leader of Action managed to say very different things in the space of a single day. Both positions come from interviews. One is the one published by The newspaper.

In a passage released to Laura Cesaretti, the man who finished third in the Roman administrative offices is firmly opposed to any hypothesis regarding the alliance with the grillini branded Giuseppe Conte: “For the first time – he said – I fully agree with him (with the former” lawyer of the Italians “, ed). I share his line, after all it would be objectively difficult for me to have to agree political strategies with the Taverna. Indeed, I will say more: if the Democratic Party manages to get them to join the European socialist group, I will leave it “. A firm line that does not foresee openings towards “Grillino populism”, which in this case the former candidate for mayor of Rome strongly opposes. Yesterday Conte, during the grillina parliamentary assembly, said he wanted to remove Calenda from the embarrassment, underlining that no pentastellato intends to be part of the same coalition as the socialist MEP. And Calenda, with presumed consistency, closes in turn. But there is a “but” as big as a house.

Always today, talking with The print, the leader of Action made another statement on contismo and pentastellati: “I have no problems with Conte – he said in this case -, I just think that he did not govern well and that you risk not being able to resist the leadership of the Movement “. Different tones from those recorded by IlGiornale. Then the distinction with honey: “But there are others 5 digit, like Patuanelli and Todde, with whom I speak and who I think do a good job. With Di Maio – continues the man who would like to inherit the scheme of Ferruccio Parri and the ideas of Carlo Rosselli – I am more in difficulty, because at the Mise he has made a mess and I believe we need a quality management class, which he administers with competence “. In short, if it depended on Calenda, with a part of grillisimo it could be governed and how, with all due respect to the approach given in the first of the interviews.

As external observers, we are getting used to this double line of Carlo Calenda, who also declared in Rome that he was voting for the Democratic Party candidate Roberto Gualtieri, noting, however, not to support it in the strict sense. An atypical formula, to put it mildly. The “maanchismo”, in fact, which is back in vogue “thanks” to the MEP who continues to sit with the left in the EU. But there is more. Yes, because in a third interview – the one always released today ad The day – Calenda presents a third political examination. In the latter circumstance, the leader of Action speaks of an imminent “explosion” on the part of the Grillina, therefore of the unnecessary question of the alliance with Giuseppe Conte.

In summary: during the same day, Calenda closed the organic alliance with grillismo, made a distinction, trusting that one part of the Movement prevails over the other, and finally considered the politically dead 5 Star Movement. What Carlo Calenda wants continues to be unclear to most. Certain, however, with the proposal to place the former premier Paolo Gentiloni at the Quirinale, is the political affiliation, which continues to be of the left if not directly piddina. The Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament is the same as the Democratic Party, which Calenda disputes, so to speak, in Italy, but avoids attacking in the EU. Another case of “maanchismo”, which shouldn’t surprise too much.

The Action leader, who has just appeared on the national political stage as an alleged lone actor, is already a master of the variable alliance. Just like Giuseppe Conte’s grillini.

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