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Vintage cars and motorbikes, 50,000 in search of a bargain. The most valuable piece: it is worth one and a half million

Vintage cars and motorbikes, 50,000 in search of a bargain. The most valuable piece: it is worth one and a half million
Vintage cars and motorbikes, 50,000 in search of a bargain. The most valuable piece: it is worth one and a half million

PADUA. «It is the“ Fair of Wonders ”» as the patron of the event Mario Carlo Baccaglini defines it. In the first two days of opening, visitors have already reached 50,000 and the goal of reaching 130,000 is within reach. But there was also some circulation discomfort. As expected, in particular between 8 and 11, the traffic in front behind the fair went haywire with columns of cars lined up from the Padova Est tollbooth to via Tommaseo and also along via Goldoni, Rismondo, Grassi, Pescarotto and the Avenue of Peace. The parking lots are also full. Today and tomorrow the section of via Tommaseo between the intersection with via Rismondo and via Goldoni will also remain closed, while the 20 police officers on duty will carry out folding closures in via Venezia in the direction of Via Grassi.

Given the abundance of parks (12 in all), no parking tickets were issued. Meanwhile, among the 1,600 exhibitors’ stands, where 5,000 vintage cars are on display, the procession of visitors continued in search of the most beautiful and particular cars.

The most expensive car is on display in Hall 5, in the Ruote da Sogno stand in Emilia. It’s a Fiat Otto VU, of the 1953, that is worth a million and a half. «For me it is the most beautiful car exhibited at the fair», says Adriano Pigni, from Busto Arsizio, «it is like having a villa by the sea in California».

Instead, 850 thousand euros are needed to take home a 1974 Lancia Stratos, six cylinders. On the other hand, those who have 90 thousand euros can buy a 1957 Elva MKI which was also driven by Pat Fergusson, an Englishman who was a RAF pilot during the war. Also outside hall 3 you can also find a Porsche 3.3 Turbo from 1981 for sale, which competed in several rallies up to 1985. For this car you just need to pay 175,000 euros.

But not all cars have high prices. A bright red Simca Bagheera is on sale for 13,000 euros. A fabulous white Maserati Bi Turbo from 1988 on offer for 17,500. A celestial sidecar called Messerschmitt KR 175 from Belgium can be purchased for 20,000 euros. A real gem for connoisseurs of the sector: two seats and two leather suitcases on the back.

Yesterday many people also came to buy original spare parts that cannot be found elsewhere. «I have sold spare parts for Abarths and Alfa Romeos» underlines Remo Penarco, with a workshop in Canelli in the province of Asti, «the Padua fair is the most important in the sector. Only here can you find spare parts that cannot be found in other sector events ».

Finally, yesterday afternoon, in the space of the Aci Storico, the experts of Classic Wheels awarded the three finalist cars that took part in the Future Classic Of The Year selection competition, promoted by the Editoriale Domus monthly. The Toyota Yaris Gr won. In second place the Abarth 695 70 and in third the Porsche Cayman GT4. On the stage of the award-winning cars, the director of Classic Wheels, Davide Giudici, the deputy Carlo Di Giusto, the Aci president, Angelo Sticchi Damiani, Savina Confaloni, Miky Biasion and Mario Baccaglini. It closes tomorrow at 18. Today and tomorrow ticket 25 euros. Yesterday, from 6 pm to 10 pm, even in the squares of the center, which was very public for the gathering of vintage cars also organized by the Municipality and the Appes. In practice, a long spritz dedicated to the fair.

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