«The Vitto is luckily better». And they post the picture of the smiling baby

“Vitto is luckily better and spent the night quiet” they say mom Chiara Ferragni and father Fedez in a story Instagram of this morning, reassuring fans on the health condition of little Vittoria. “What a day, I have a fantastic voice »says the rapper referring to the tiredness and the accumulated concern for little Vittoria. Fans can be calm, therefore: the second daughter of the Ferragnez house is much better. Excellent news to celebrate the anniversary that occurs today: 7 months after his birth. Chiara Ferragni herself communicates it with a post (below) that portrays the little girl smiling and healthy.

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After yesterday’s post, in which the digital entrepreneur told fans about the day spent in hospital with little Vittoria under observation with high fever, difficulty breathing and some dehydration, this morning Leo and Vitto’s parents updated their followers.

“He’s much better nowFerragni had written last night, posting in the stories several photos of the little girl who appeared to be in good condition.

Ditto dad Fedez who, after hours of silence, reposted the photos published by Ferragni and wrote in an IG stories late in the evening “Crazy day” showing an “ok” with his thumb while he was on the sofa at home with little Vittoria in her arms and next to her eldest son Leo.

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Vitto luckily post picture smiling baby

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