Green Pass, a million Italians at work without QR code: that’s who they are

The black hole still exists. There are still 7 million and 600 thousand Italians who have not even had a dose of the anti Covid-19 vaccine. And it is those between 30 and 49 who do the most resistance. While among the youngest the adhesion is high: 80.5% in the range between 20 and 29 years is immunized. A total of 88 million vaccines have been administered so far, with 81.9% of the population over 12 having completed the cycle. A percentage that is close to 86% if you consider who has done at least one dose.

A million Italians at work without QR code: this is how they do it and who they are

Meanwhile, according to Il Messaggero, at least one million Italians continue to go to work without showing the green pass. “Mainly autonomous, sole proprietorships or freelancers who are somehow escaping the obligation of the pass”, writes the Roman daily. “The evidence lurks in the numbers. To date, Italians of working age not yet vaccinated – resorting to the subdivision of vaccination monitoring groups, those from 20 to 65 years – are about 5 million. accurate, this number can be crossed with that of the employment rate in Italy which according to Istat in August was 58.1 percent. In this way it is possible to estimate that workers without a pass obtained for the anti-Covid vaccination today are about 2.9 million. Then, by eliminating this figure – by excess – with those who have the pass because they have recovered from Covid, those who are on sick leave, on holidays or on maternity leave, 2.3-2.5 million workers can be considered good . Obviously, however, those who go to work with a Green pass obtained through a swab must be subtracted from these. In the last two days for which data are available – 20 and 21 October, Wednesday and Thursday – the swabs made and valid for 48 however, hours are about 1.4 millions. That is to say that at least one million workers remain outside the count of those who have the pass or not. Citizens who therefore continue to work without QR code “.


Green Pass million Italians work code

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