New York evicts Jefferson statue from the City: “He owned 600 slaves.” Trump protests (but slips into history)

Thomas Jefferson expelled from the town hall of New York. This was unanimously decided by the municipal council of the American city which decreed the transfer of the statue of the third president of the States United. We still do not know where: at the beginning there was talk of the headquarters of the Historical Society where it had to be inserted in a precise historical context able to remember the importance of Jefferson as one of the founding fathers of the United States without forgetting that he had more than 600 slaves. The removal of the statue was first proposed in 2001. Jefferson’s is not the only New York statue of a former president condemned to be removed in the retelling of the US racist past raised by the movement. Black Lives Matter: last year the natural History Museum he decided to move from his entrance on Central Park the controversial equestrian monument depicting the 26th American president Theodore Roosevelt with an African-American and a native at his feet.

The decision of the House of the New York City Hall provoked the reaction of the former president Donald Trump according to which the last is the example of bad faith of progressives who want to erase history. “There radical left she’s gone mad and is really hurting the country, ”said Trump. But a historic slip was not lacking in his stance. In fact, in the press release, Jefferson is indicated as “one of the main ones authors of the Constitution of the United States “. The problem is that the third American president he was not among the members of the Constituent Convention from Philadelphia that in 1787 he finalized the articles of the fundamental law of the United States of America: in those months Jefferson was in France for a diplomatic mission that lasted from 1785 to 1789.

Despite not having contributed to the Constitution, the third American president is still considered the main author of the Declaration of Independence and how “Dad Founder”Of the nation was one of the champions of the principles of equality and religious freedom. Jefferson was however also owner of 600 slaves in his plantation of Monticello in Virginia and had at least six children with one of them, Sally Hemings.

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York evicts Jefferson statue City owned slaves Trump protests slips history

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