Weekend in Rome what to do in 48 hours Luxury Experience

Rome is an open-air film, all right. But if we were writing the script for a weekend and the Eternal City were solo the most precious scenography? The made-to-measure cinema lesson begins with a sunrise over the city: please go up to the eighth floor of theHotel Rome Cavalieri to read the film opening titles that flow on a candy pink sky. The protagonists of this film, then, will descend, caressing the marble that has made the hotel of the Waldorf Astoria group one of the most viewed sets in film but also a buen retiro for celebs once the spotlights are turned off. Waiting for you in the hall you will find the Luxury Experiences (autumn version after the previous summer) created to make the plot of your film more seductive in what will be a Roman weekend made of vintage cars, truffle hunting, secret Caravaggio, horseback riding. Other? More.

If Audrey Hepburn discovered Rome on a Vespa, let yourself be envied aboard the Beach, bright blue, vintage Fiat mind but zero-emission electric motor designed by Emotion Cars Italy to turn, slow down, let your hair embrace you (goodbye canopy) as you pass in front of the Pincio, be amazed by the Baths of Caracalla, give a kiss to the Janiculum thanks to the tour created specifically for you. Eventually you will have a good chance of falling into the sentimental category of movies (and how could it be different?). If, on the other hand, it is late October, you know the city very well and you want to escape, the truffle hunt will see you protagonists with rubber boots, dynamic alarm clock, GPS towards Umbria. The route begins on the Roman hills between Etruscan traces and the history of a family that in Umbria holds an estate dedicated to the search for truffles, a culinary jewel that you will bring back to the hotel to taste for dinner. It is no coincidence that autumn encourages greener trips than ever, it is a goal of the Rome Cavalieri, a five-star luxury that for the third consecutive year receives the certification Green Key for environmental quality and sustainability research.


Another weekend, another documentary film is what awaits those who still cry in front of a work by Caravaggio: those visceral reds, those animated blinds, the search for a light kissed by God that, after him, no one has ever found again . Among the experiences that can be booked there is In the Footsteps of Caravaggio, a Roman tour dedicated to his works scattered in apparently minor churches, where you can get excited by entering a restoration laboratory and learn the rudiments of conservation techniques, listen to the history of some Caravaggesque works and their course over time (tip: this is a film / weekend that might appeal to those who love solo travel).



Last experience for those looking for the perfect script set outside Rome: you leave the wood where the Rome Cavalieri lies to reach the archaeological area of ​​Ostia Antica. From here the set will move on horseback, for what is an equestrian and historical excursion between nature reserves and a Renaissance village, including the Castle of Julius II. If you wanted to option the period costumes you would be totally in line with the mood of your historical film. For the credits there is only one terrace from which to greet Rome: Heinz Beck welcomes you and is called The Pergola, a starred restaurant to count the stars of the city, eternally yours.

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