Food recalls, fish withdrawn for microbiological risk: do not consume it!

New food recalls for the Italian government. In fact, yesterday the Ministry of Health withdrew some fish: all the details.

New withdrawal announced by the ministry of health (Pixabay)

The Italian Government continues to monitor the products placed on the market to protect the health of its consumers. In fact, there are always many risks regarding contaminated food products. THE controls on these products are increasing both in Italy and in other European countries. As specified by the Ministry of Health there are many especially the chemical risks associated with contamination food intended for retail sale.

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On its website the Ministry of Health, sector operators (OSA) they are obliged to inform their customers about the non-compliance found in the foods on sale. Also in case of contamination O risks are obliged to withdraw the offending lots from sale. Always the OSA will then have to withdraw these products from the market, so let’s see what is the latest measure taken by Ministry of Health italiano.

Food references, withdrawn batch of smoked swordfish: all the details

Food references
New products withdrawn from the market by the Ministry of Health (via Pixabay)

The Ministry of Health has withdrawn a batch of Smoked swordfish carpaccio per risk microbiological. On its official website, the Ministry has communicated all the details regarding the product removed from the market. In fact it is the production lot number: 63 E 31. While, on the other hand, the identification mark of the establishment is the IT 2648 CE. The name of the company that produces the product in question is Valdarnese Gastronomy SRL.

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While the reason for the withdrawal is the presence of listeria monocytogenes. Consumers are advised to return the product to the point of sale from which it was purchased. For further information, contact the email address and the number of the company in question. Retailers, on the other hand, are invited to ashost the sale of the recalled lot and keep it available to the Valdarnese Gastronomy SRL. Therefore, the careful monitoring of the Ministry of Health on the safety of the products put on the market continues.

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