No Green pass return to the square, two processions in Rome: new garrison in Trieste

No Green pass return to the square, two processions in Rome: new garrison in Trieste
No Green pass return to the square, two processions in Rome: new garrison in Trieste

The Minister of Agriculture, Stefano Patuanelli will meet at 11 a delegation from the Coordination 15 October, referred to by Stefano Puzzer. After yesterday’s dissolution, there will be a garrison in Piazza Unità in Trieste. Meanwhile, two No Green Pass events, both unauthorized, will also be held in Rome in the Circus Maximus area.

They will be two No Green Pass events which will be held today, Saturday 23 October, a Roma, on the last Saturday before the summit of the heads of state and government of the G20 on 30 and 31 October. Both unauthorized processions will be held in the Circus Maximus area. To take to the streets on Saturday will be the activists of the “Free Citizens” movement, the same movement of which Pamela Testa belongs, arrested after the clashes on 9 October. In the other event, the participation of, among others, the actor Enrico Montesano and the former grillina Sara Cunial is expected. About a thousand people expected at the two appointments for which the Rome Police Headquarters does not seem to fear particular tensions, dfter the assault on the CGIL happened two weeks ago.

No Green Pass in Trieste, 12 street papers issued

Also in Trieste there will be a new garrison that will see among other things the meeting between the Minister of Agriculture, Stefano Patuanelli, and the board of Coordination 15 October. Also present was the leader of the Coordination who announced at 10 a garrison in Piazza Unità Ed the unauthorized parade, first organized and then canceled by the same coordination, he was at the center of the checks of the Trieste police headquarters which identified about 1,500 people and issued 12 street papers: 8 against members of the CasaPound movement, two against anarchists and two against right-wing extremists. One of them had a gas mask, utility knife, screwdriver, spray can and helmet with him. “We are sorry that the spark we had helped to create is under heavy suffocation”, says the Coordination No Green pass, one of the bodies that together with the Coordination 15 October and the 3V movement are competing for the leadership of the No pass square, announcing that it does not end here: “The fight will still be tough.” Meanwhile yesterday the garrison in Piazza Unita ‘d’Italia also dissolved.


Green pass return square processions Rome garrison Trieste

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