She is vaccinated in the ninth month of pregnancy and the baby dies in the womb a few hours after inoculation


Dismay and pain in San Prisco, in the Caserta area, where a young couple is experiencing one of the most excruciating pains, that of the loss of their newborn baby. A pregnancy that went on well for 39 weeks and that only eventually became a terrible tragedy. The story was told by the local newspaper

The future mother was al ninth month of pregnancy, waiting to give birth, when on 9 October she went to the gynecologist telling him that 48 hours later, on Monday 11, she would receive the second dose of the vaccine Pfizer. The vaccine inoculation was agreed after the first dose had no side effects.

The day after the vaccine, or Tuesday 12, the couple returned to the gynecologist for the last visit before giving birth, but terrible news took both the doctor and the two would-be parents by surprise: the little heart of the little girl was no longer beating. The Caesarean section that followed immediately confirmed the death of the unborn child. The child’s father immediately went to the carabinieri of the Maddaloni Company to file a complaint, the military thus informed the judicial authority, starting the investigation after the acquisition of the medical records. The autopsy examination was carried out on the body of the little girl, the results of which will be deposited in 60 days.

Currently the atrocious doubts of the young couple are many: the pregnancy was serene, peaceful, without complications. Now they want to understand what went wrong, also in light of the coincidence (?) In the timing with the second dose administered. Among the plausible hypotheses is that of one umbilical cord thrombosis.


vaccinated ninth month pregnancy baby dies womb hours inoculation

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