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MEDITERRANEAN VORTICE AT THE START OF THE WEEK. The Mediterranean vortex that between Sunday and Monday it will be located on the Ionian Sea and will be absorbed over the next week by a cavity of Atlantic origin which will try to dismantle, or at least weaken, the high pressure field extending from Western Europe. In the meantime it will still be able to compromise the weather conditions on Tuesday over much of the Center-South with locally intense rains and thunderstorms and also involving the upper Adriatic, probably up to Friuli VG. In the meantime, the front arriving from the Atlantic will lean against the central-western Alpine borders, distributing some rain. Sunnier conditions are expected instead in the Northwest, in Sardinia, on the high Tyrrhenian Sea and also in Puglia.

UNTIL WEDNESDAY MARKED INSTABILITY IN THE CENTER-SOUTH. From mid-week the front coming from the Atlantic towards the Alps will slide over the Mediterranean creating a single depression area west of the boot, responsible for often unstable weather in our central-southern regions and sometimes strong phenomena. Once again much of the northern regions will be excluded from bad weather and will benefit from more stable and drier conditions.

NEXT TREND. Also close to the bridge of Halloween / All Saints’ Day the Mediterranean depression will affect the weather on part of the boot, in particular the central and southern regions, waiting for new disturbed impulses to arrive from the Atlantic towards Western Europe and subsequently towards Italy. However, this is not a definitive forecast but a trend that could change in the coming days. We advise you to follow all the updates.

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