Open Arms trial, all texts admitted: Richard Gere will also testify

“How much will this process cost?” – The hearing of the trial in Palermo in which Matteo Salvini was accused was dedicated precisely to the admission of the lists of indictment and defense witnesses and to documentary productions. “Here the Court of Justice of the Palermo prison. The trial wanted by the left and by the fans of illegal immigration begins: how much will it cost Italian citizens?”. This is the comment, written in a post on Twitter, by Matteo Salvini.

At the attack of Gere – “You tell me how serious is a trial where Richard Gere will come from Hollywood to testify about my wickedness. I hope it lasts as short as possible because there are more important things to deal with. I’m only sorry for two things, for the time I take away from mine. children and for the money that Italians spend on this political process organized by the left “, said the leader of the League as he left the Pagliarelli bunker.

Salvini’s defense requests – According to Salvini’s defense, Italy was not competent to assign safe harbor to the ship of the NGO Open Arms. Salvini’s lawyer, the lawyer Giulia Bongiorno, requested, in addition to the examination of the leader of the League, the acquisition of two dismissal decrees which exclude, in cases similar to that of the Open Arms, the Italian competence in the assignment of the Pos (Place of safety) and, again on the subject of the absence of Italian competence, the notes of the Foreign Ministry in which it was reiterated that Spain should be the one to establish the safe harbor.

The defense also asked to acquire the 2019 directive which established the measures to be taken against NGOs that disregarded the indications of a state. In the list of documents requested by Salvini’s defense also the indications of the government that highlighted the Italian policy on landings and that sanctioned the need to reach an agreement at European level on the distribution of migrants before the assignment of the Pos and authorization upon landing.

Open Arms founder: “Saving is a duty” – “We are here to get a signal of justice. This is the meaning of our presence.” Oscar Camps, founder and director of the NGO Open Arms, said about the start of the trial against Matteo Salvini. “We are here to defend the right to save people,” he said.


Open Arms trial texts admitted Richard Gere testify

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