“He had already fired”: the shocking details on Baldwin’s weapon

“He had already fired”: the shocking details on Baldwin’s weapon
“He had already fired”: the shocking details on Baldwin’s weapon

New details emerge about the tragic accident on the set of Rust of which he was unwitting protagonist Alec Baldwin. From the United States, well-informed sources told the Los Angeles Times that the gun held by the actor in the past had already caused problems by shooting by mistake but without, fortunately, causing casualties. This time, however, it was director of photography Halyna Hutchins who lost her life. Director Joel Souza, who was also affected, was discharged from the hospital.

Investigators are working to understand how an incident like this was possible. It is inevitable to think that a similar tragedy has come about by not adequately following the security protocols, of the standards required for firearms in the film industry. Doubts confirmed by some sources to the American press. Last Saturday, the replacement for Alec Baldwin, the sources add, had fired two shots with the same gun which, even in that case, was reported as “cold”, ie without ammunition. No investigation was ever undertaken and a crew member explained that “there were no security meetings. There was no guarantee it wouldn’t happen again. All they wanted was to hurry, hurry, hurry“.

A few hours before the actor shot Hutchins, part of the film crew had left the set for to protest against working conditions. The technicians were exasperated by the excessive hours, the long journeys to the set, and the back payments. A staff man was very alarmed by what had happened, so much so that he sent a message to the production manager in which he talked about a situation “very dangerous“.

The first official documents of the investigation show that Alec Baldwin was handed a loaded weapon by an assistant director, who indicated to the plaintiff that the weapon was safe to use. According to search warrant presented in a Santa Fe courthouse, the assistance apparently did not know that the prop pistol was loaded with live bullets. The BBC revealed that the assistant director in charge of delivering the weapon to the actor was a 20-year-old first-time experience. It was she who shouted “cold gun”.

But when Baldwin fired, he hit Halyna Hutchins in the chest and then himself bullet she injured director Joel Souza, who was standing behind her. The bloodstained costume that Baldwin wore to shoot the scenes was taken as evidence, as was the weapon he fired. Investigators also confiscated other props and ammunition that were used during the filming of the film.


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