Trieste, Puzzer at the No Green pass: «I’m not pissed off. I remain a porter. We will bring democracy back »- The video

No port uniform. A pair of jeans and a blue sweater. After meeting with Minister Patuanelli, Stefano Puzzer climbs one of the steps of Piazza Unità d’Italia in Trieste. A kiss to his partner and then the start of the press conference: «I know these have been hard days for everyone. This meeting was important because it was right to give an answer to the people. Only Minister Stefano Patuanelli showed up at the meeting, we expected another one to arrive. We reiterated that we do not want to deal with the points we have presented. I’m a porter, I’m not getting my head started. ‘ From here Puzzer listed the three points requested from the Draghi Government: the abolition of the Green pass and the obligation to vaccinate, the possibility of demonstrating in all the squares of Italy and the request for an apology from the Government for the evacuation of the Pier 7 from Monday 18 October. On this point he insisted a lot: «You must officially apologize. It is a question of respect for both the laws and the Constitution ”.

Puzzer explained that Patuanelli did not give answers, he limited himself to guaranteeing that he will take these requests to the Council of Ministers Tuesday 25 October. And it is for this day that he has reconvened the people of demonstrators who have followed him to the streets up to now. But what will happen if on October 25 the Council of Ministers (as likely) does not remove the Green pass? This is Puzzer’s answer: “If we realize that we are becoming a dictatorship we must ensure that this becomes our democracy again and that this becomes our Constitution again, which was created because people gave their lives to do so” . Meanwhile, the official announcement of the 15 October Coordination is that the protests will continue peacefully until the government approves their requests. At the end of the speech, Puzzer sang the chorus with the crowd that has now become the official anthem of the No Green pass movement: “People like us never give up.” Once the press conference was closed, the square returned to hold the garrison. The militants present are a few hundred, among these there is also a delegation of workers who come from the port of Genoa.

The 20-minute meeting and the doctor Giacomini

The meeting between the delegation of the Coordination 15 October and Minister Patuanelli lasted about 20 minutes. In addition to Puzzer and Patunaelli, the board of the Coordination 15 October was also present. One of its protagonists is Dario Giacomini, a doctor suspended from the order accused by the 3V Movement of still being linked to CasaPound. Together with him there was also the firefighter Roberto Perga, Matteo Schiavon and Eva Genzo, names that until now have not yet appeared in the chronicles of the squares these days. At the end of the meeting, Minister Patunelli released this statement: «It was a cordial meeting, in which Puzzer, as spokesman for the Coordination of 15 October, made 3 specific requests. As a representative of the Government I made the commitment to report on the meeting in the Council of Ministers. We all agreed on the importance of keeping any type of demonstration away from any type of violence ”.

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Trieste Puzzer Green pass pissed remain porter bring democracy video

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