‘Speak little, never appear’, a film about the 30 years of Dia – Chronicle

‘Speak little, never appear’, a film about the 30 years of Dia – Chronicle
‘Speak little, never appear’, a film about the 30 years of Dia – Chronicle

“I am in Dia in 1992, I was assigned immediately after the assassination of judges Falcone and Morvillo and of the men of the escort. And I still feel a daughter of the Capaci massacres”. Speaking is a woman with her face covered by mephisto, who works in the shadows, like so many of her colleagues in the Anti-Mafia Investigation Department. From the Capaci massacre, the film “Dia 1991 – Speak little.”
Appire mai “, produced by Rai Cinema and 42nd parallel, to tell the story of 30 years of struggle against the mafias starting from the intuition of Giovanni Falcone. An investigative structure similar to the FBI was needed, composed of personnel specialized in the fight against organized crime, coming from Falcone, however, did not have time to see it, because even if Dia was officially born on October 29, 1991, it only became operational after the Capaci massacre.
The film starts from the images of a camera a few centimeters from the asphalt of the highway that crosses Western Sicily reduced to dirt by the tremendous explosion. The target advances between the wrecks of cars and ambulances, resumes the pain of those present. The next day, May 24, 1991, Dia took part in the state war against the mafia. They were all young, they came from different experiences and had different methods, but from then on “one thing has always distinguished us – says one of the investigators – to speak little, never appear”. One of the first results was an excellent arrest, that of Leoluca Bagarella, head of the military area of ​​the Cosa Nostra. Soon after, the chief called Alessandro Giuliano, son of Boris: “We have arrested your father’s murderer.”
There are four stories, ten narrative voices, with the memory of Falcone kept alive by the magistrate Giuseppe Ayala.
In addition to the capture of Bagarella, the film tells about the Olimpia investigation into the ‘Ndrangheta, then the arrest of the boss of the Casalese Camorra “Sandokan” Francesco Schiavone and the infiltration of organized crime in Northern Italy. Images from RAI display cases and unpublished films alternate in a continuous cross-reference between present and past. In the testimonies of the faceless investigators there is the adrenaline of the operations for the capture of fugitives and the wounds in the soul of those who, in the “squad of the State”, work on the front line giving up an important slice of their lives. The film, written by Diana Ligorio and directed by Leonardo Dalessandri with Gabriele Ciances, will be broadcast on 29 October at 21.20 on Rai3.


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