LIVE TMW – Juventus, Allegri: “Inter are the favorites for the Scudetto. Dybala is fine”

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11:45 – Massimiliano Allegri presents Inter-Juventus, race valid for the ninth day of the Serie A championship, scheduled for tomorrow at 20:45 at the San Siro stadium in Milan. brings you the Press conference by the Juventus coach, scheduled for 12 noon, live.

12:02 – Allegri takes his place in the press room of the Allianz Stadium: the Juventus coach’s conference begins now.

How does the team arrive at the match against Inter?
“We see it tomorrow evening, it all depends on the game we play. It will be a beautiful evening especially because there will be around 60 thousand spectators, there will be many expectations from everyone. It will be a good match between two important teams, Inter in my opinion is still the favorite to win the Scudetto. For us it is an important test against a strong team ”.

Is tomorrow decisive?
“In my opinion no, it would allow us to extend the streak and take another step forward. For the purposes of the classification, the one against Roma was much more decisive. Tomorrow is important but there are still many games, there is time to recover. We cannot think that in a match we will win or lose the championship ”.

Will Dybala play?
“He will be available, he is fine and has had two training sessions with the team. We are almost complete in terms of availability, it is important because I need everyone as happened in Russia where whoever entered was decisive ”.

Are the changes now decisive with respect to the start of the season?
“They give the contribution they have to make. Helping your companions and making yourself available. We play every 3 days. With these 5 changes they are different games, whoever is on the bench when he enters must enter with the right mind, must live the game as if he were playing. Maybe at first I knew the boys less, now I am facilitated by this. The credit is theirs, they come in and make an important contribution “.

In terms of tension, how has your way of approaching the game changed?
“Let’s say the expectation of a great match. Playing at San Siro in an imposing stadium will have to be a beautiful evening. It must be more beautiful for us trying to get a result because a good evening and not getting a result is not so good. After two years it is exciting for me. You play for this type of challenge, beautiful to live and which have the advantage that they prepare themselves. Tomorrow evening there is no need for me to tell the players that it is important, they know it too ”.

Will it be important to see Chiellini on the pitch? Church must rest?
“The formation I have yet to decide. Yesterday we had a good workout, maybe not even today I will decide but I will really do it tomorrow morning. Chiesa also played a good game the other day, he shot several times. Chiellini is ready to play, Bonucci, De Ligt and Rugani are doing well. When De Ligt is ready to play on the center-right, three defenders will also be able to play, for now they play in two. We still have five games ahead, there will be room for everyone ”.

Do you get into trouble when you have to play the game?
“It’s not that Juve is more at ease when they don’t have to play the game. One has to stop, pass and unmark well. At certain moments we make these things wrong, we always have to activate our heads. In training everyone has to work so as not to make mistakes. a ball, but it is impossible that he is never wrong. But we have to work for this and there are times when we make technical mistakes that should not be made “.

Were you close to Inter?
“In two years a lot of water has passed under the bridges, they put me close to one another and close to each other. I made the choice of Juventus and I am happy”.

Can Inter “kill you”?
“Given the ranking, they can’t kill us. It’s not a decisive game, it’s a nice evening for us to live. Then when we arrive at the November break we see how much we have gnawed and we evaluate the next step. The seasons are decided in the last three months,” you have to be there “

Do you agree with Bonucci on Ronaldo?
“When you have a player like Ronaldo who scores 30 goals this season it is normal for the team to lean on him. It is normal that without Cristiano everyone has more responsibility and we have to find goals from the players we have ”.

Match suitable for Bernardeschi?
“Tomorrow you have to play well technically, they are strong also physically. There is a need for defensive attention. Then we play in a stadium where they will be very supported, you will have to be lucid, killer with the ball. And whoever takes the field will have to fight above all at the ‘Start”.

What player is Dzeko?
“Dzeko knows how to play football and scores, with Lautaro they are a good couple. Inter are strong, Barella has grown a lot, Brozovic has become a serious player. I don’t say that much for, ‘Inter is still the strongest in the league and for this reason in my opinion they are the favorite. “

How is Rabiot?
“I see Rabiot today, you have to see how he got out of this situation also because without training it is difficult”.

Arthur from the start?
“He has grown a lot. Raise the quality of the team and the dribble. He hasn’t played a game for many months, slowly he has to find time to become one of the owners ”.

12:18 – Massimiliano Allegri’s press conference ends now.

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