Child prostitution: finance arrests a professional from Cremona

At the disposal of the Brescia prosecutor’s office, the soldiers of the Cremona financial police arrested in Cremona on the orders of the Prosecutor’s Office
of the Republic of Brescia arrested a fifty-five-year-old professional from Cremona for
child prostitution and possession of child pornography.
During the investigations conducted by the Economic-Financial Police Unit of Cremona for crimes of nature
corporate and financial elements were found that led the Brescia judicial authority to dispose
in-depth analysis and analysis of the seized devices.
The analysis of the data has therefore allowed the reconstruction of a dense network of contacts between the professional and one
multiplicity of people, some of them of minor age, with whom, in addition to the exchange of material
pornographic, sexual acts would also be consumed.
On the basis of the elements collected, also supported by direct testimonies, the Judge for the Investigations
Preliminaries at the Court of Brescia, sharing the investigative hypotheses of the Public Prosecutor’s Office,
issued the restrictive measure.

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Child prostitution finance arrests professional Cremona

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