What does MEDICANE mean and why it will make Italy FEAR »ILMETEO.it

What does MEDICANE mean and why it will make Italy FEAR »ILMETEO.it
What does MEDICANE mean and why it will make Italy FEAR »ILMETEO.it

WEATHER URGENT OFFICIAL RELEASE: What MEDICANE means and why it will make Italy FEAR

A Medicane is coming There is nothing surprising.

After the long summer that not only saw some historical records of heat beating with over 48 ° C in Sicily in the Syracusan area, but which above all made us endure 3 uninterrupted months of above average temperatures in the Mediterranean basin, the surface waters of the our seas are still abundantly warmer than normal, and thus act as a huge reservoir of energy for any disturbed system.

In the next few hours a powerful Atlantic anticyclone will carry further east, on Russia, and in response fresh gusts will flow along the eastern edge of the high pressure cell reaching almost undisturbed on the Tyrrhenian Sea, where I enter Sunday evening due to the contrasts that will trigger, we will deepen the eye of a deep cyclonic vortex.

However, the main feature of this low pressure structure will arouse many concerns, not so much and not only for its depth in terms of mbar or hPa if you prefer, but above all for the presence of a warm heart, just like in cyclones. tropical; for these reasons circulations of this type that they resemble hurricanes when they are formed in the Mediterranean they are called MEDICANE, from the union of 2 English words, MEDI (terranean) + (Hurri) CANE.

The effects on Italy will be striking: the rains, heavy on Sardinia and Sicily, will carry on Sunday evening on Calabria and in the night on Basilicata; in the night between Sunday and Monday and during Monday torrential rains will not stop on Catanese, Catanzarese, Crotonese, Materano, and will cause floods on Ionian Calabria, with supplies up to 500 liters per square meter, accompanied by gusts of wind at 90Km / h more.



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