Pensions reform 2022, Draghi ‘closes’ Quota 100. Salvini: “We will find a solution”

Pensions reform 2022, Draghi ‘closes’ Quota 100. Salvini: “We will find a solution”
Pensions reform 2022, Draghi ‘closes’ Quota 100. Salvini: “We will find a solution”

Quota 100 will not be renewed, for pensions in the 2022 maneuver there will be a gradual return to normal. Word of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, while Matteo Salvini’s League seeks a “reasonable mediation” for a quota of 102, with particular attention to certain categories of workers such as precocious or those who work in companies with less than 15 employees. The picture has been evolving since last week, when the Council of Ministers gave the green light to the Draft Budgetary Document.

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The fate of Quota 100 “is the subject of discussion of the budget law, which we will present next week. I have always said that I did not agree with Quota 100: it has a three-year duration and will not be renewed”, said the Prime Minister, responding to a he asked in Brussels, at the press conference following the European Council. “What we need to do now – he added – is to ensure graduality in the transition to normality. This is the subject of discussion today. We need to be gradual. The details will be disclosed in the course of the budget law”.


“It seems to me that the Prime Minister has already answered, 100 is touched and I think it is also good that you touch it because I think the numbers tell us that it had distortions within it that had to be addressed”, he echoed from Naples the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando. The “distortions” cited by Orlando are “equal treatment in different situations, mainly employees of large companies and public sector employees went to pensions, and the fact that 70% of users were men. These two things must be corrected, accepting a gradual exit that represented 100 “.


The League, in the Council of Ministers on Tuesday, expressed a “political reservation” on the pensions issue. The government’s proposal – transforming 100 to 102 in 2022 and 104 in 2023 – did not convince the leaguers. In the Draft Budgetary Document, for interventions on pensions, one and a half billion euros were included for three years: the figure would have left little room for the imagination regarding the viable ways out, not least that of turning to 103 for the two years concerned, solution supported in the last 24 hours.

But, according to what Adnkronos learns from government sources, precisely to avoid accidents and not to upset a ‘nervous’ League, the executive is looking for additional resources to be included in the maneuver. A billion more which, added to the 1.5 billion already in the Dpb, would allow more digestible solutions for the Carroccio. Among these, the one on which the leaguers would push in the last hours could foresee the use of 102 for 2022 and 2023, with the addition of a strengthening of the ‘slides’ for SME workers.


“The League is working on a reasonable mediation, which could be 102 with tools to allow retirement to some specific categories such as precocious workers or for those of companies under 15 employees”, said sources of the party led by Matteo Salvini. “The League is generally in favor of funds to be allocated directly to workers to allow them and not the company a free choice on their pension”.

Salvini explicitly reiterated that “the return to the Fornero law is incompatible with reality. President Draghi and I are working to protect the right to work and retirement, the important thing is not to return to the Fornero law. Call it Quota 100 or Quote y doesn’t matter, what matters is that from 1 January you don’t take 6-7 years of workers’ lives away, “he said. “I am not fond of names, I am interested that in the contents from January 1st workers see their rights protected. We are working on it with Draghi, starting from the protection of precocious workers and employees of small businesses, we will certainly find a positive solution”, he has declared.

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