Who is Sandra Sabattini, a model for today’s young people – Chronicle

Who is Sandra Sabattini, a model for today’s young people – Chronicle
Who is Sandra Sabattini, a model for today’s young people – Chronicle

Igea Marina, 23 October 2021 – Sandra Sabattini, will be beatified in Rimini tomorrow. The celebration will take place at 4 pm in the Cathedral Basilica and can also be followed in the outdoor spaces, for holders of a special pass. It will be presided over by the cardinal Marcello Semeraro, Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. 1,200 seats will be available. It will be possible to watch the celebration live on TV on IcaroTV channel 91. The only mortal remains of Sandra will be carried in procession, a hair that her boyfriend Guido has kept. To bring it will be Stefano Vitali, for whom the miraculous recovery from a tumor was recognized through the intercession of Sabattini. The offertory procession will be made by Sandra’s father and brother, Sabattini’s friends will recite the prayers of the faithful.

It is 9 am on April 29, 1984. Sandra Sabattini he is going to a meeting of the Pope John XXIII Community. I’m with her Guido, her boyfriend, and his friend Elio. As soon as they get out of the car, Sandra and Elio come hit by a car. Sandra is hit in full, catapulted onto the hood and thrown to the ground. He rushes don Benzi who gets into the ambulance and keeps her mouth open so she doesn’t get suffocated. From Rimini it was immediately moved to the “Bellaria” of Bologna. He remains in a coma for three days and on May 2 he leaves this earth. He was 22 years old.

The funeral was held on May 5th. In his homily, Don Oreste said: “Sandra did what God sent her for. The world is not divided into good and bad, but into those who love and those who do not love. And Sandra, we know, loved a lot “. Mother Agnes understood that day:” Don, we had a saint in the house and we hadn’t noticed! Take the book and pray like Sandra did. “

Four days before the accident Sandra had told her mother that she had saw his funeral in a dream and his grave full of flowers. On the last page of her diary, two days before the accident, Sandra left hers spiritual testament: “This life is not mine that is evolving rhythmically by a regular breath that is not mine, enlivened by a peaceful day that is not mine. There is nothing in this world that is yours. Sandra, realize it! a gift on which the “Donor” can intervene when and how he wants “.

A girl simple, sweet, full of enthusiasm for life. Not just any life, because completely given to others. Sandra Sabattini was born on August 19, 1961 in Riccione and from an early age she cultivated a strong bond with the Lord, thanks to the example of her uncle priest and of the family who lives in Marina Centro, the tourist heart of Rimini, in the parish of San Girolamo. He always kept a rosary with him. Once, when she was still in elementary school, they found her at one in the morning absorbed in contemplation before the tabernacle. He got up early to pray.

Sandra he did well in school, loved to paint, played the piano and ran as a sprinter in an athletics team. At 12 he met Don Oreste Benzi, the founder of “Pope John XXIII”. Take part in a sharing holiday with the handicapped – as they used to say – at the Madonna delle Vette house in Alba di Canazei, in the Dolomites. Don Benzi’s proposal was to have “a nice encounter with Jesus”. An intense experience, immersed in nature and tiring for the care of disabled people. Sandra was thunderstruck. Back home she said to her mother: “We broke our bones, but that’s people who don’t
I will abandon more “

This meeting changes his life forever: begins to follow the poor to their homes, takes to the streets for the rights of disabled people, devotes all his free time to the guys in recovery from drug addiction. At the beginning of the 1980s the drug problem emerged everywhere in its drama. Don Benzi’s association had recently opened therapeutic communities and Sandra, at only twenty years old, managed to convince many young people to abandon the drug path to begin a path of rebirth. A medical scholar, she cultivates the dream of leaving as a missionary in Africa. Her life does not belong to her, even the engagement with Guido, known at eighteen, is not experienced as an accommodation, but as a broader horizon to open up to the space of infinite love of God.

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