“Accusations already dismantled by the Gup” – Libero Quotidiano

“Accusations already dismantled by the Gup” – Libero Quotidiano
“Accusations already dismantled by the Gup” – Libero Quotidiano

Around 9 Matteo Salvini and the lawyer Giulia Bongiorno enter room B2 of the Pagliarelli prison in Palermo, for the first hearing of the trial Open Arms which sees the leader of the League accused for the work in the role of Minister of the Interior, in the summer of 2019, when, respecting the Security decree bis, he forbade the landing in Sicily to 147 migrants aboard the NGO ship. “I hope my trial is not the Film Festival – said Salvini -, I have served my country and if I am convicted I will accept it”. Bongiorno has repeatedly reiterated, as on other occasions, that the responsibility for that choice was collegial of the whole government (ruled at the time by Giuseppe Conte with majority formed by Lega e 5 Star Movement) and not just the Interior Ministry.

The Public Prosecutor of Palermo immediately requested the production of an integration of documents to be included in the hearing. The Prosecutor was present in the courtroom Francesco Lo You, the addition Marzia Sabella and the pm Back to Ferrara. Sources of Salvini’s defense, however, show optimism. “The gup of Catania has already dismantled the accusations – filters from the legal front of the Northern League leader -. It can be read clearly on pages 77, 78 and 79 of the sentence of no place to proceed pronounced by the gup Nunzio Sarpietro for the Gregoretti case“.

Open Arms, as written by the judge, “remained for days between Libyan and Maltese waters, rescuing about 130 people on three different occasions, transporting them, as mentioned, to Lampedusa, and after refusing the disembarkation of 39 migrants on the island of Malta, and after having refused two different Places of safety indicated by the Spanish government, first in Algeciras and then in the Balearic Islands. In particular, then, the shipwrecked landed, as mentioned, following the urgent issue of the preventive seizure decree adopted by the public prosecutor of Agrigento “.

“In the case of the Open Arms – continues that sentence – it was concluded that the Italian state of first contact was considered, because IMRCC Rome had been requested to grant the aforementioned Place of safety, and also because the ship had already reached Italian territorial waters. As a consequence of this principle, therefore, the commanders of the single naval units of the NGOs will be able to choose the ports to go to, which – inevitably – at present seem to be only the Sicilian ones “. The sentence continues: “The case has aroused various controversies and positions, also because, as can be seen from the same report by the Court of Ministers, during the trial the suspicion emerged that at the basis of the ship’s captain’s refusal not to accept the Spanish ports that had been assigned to him and, therefore, to lead his unit to those destinations, there was the fear of suffer heavy penalties of its flag State, in relation to the infringement concerning the violation of the safety rules on the use of the ship, which carried over 100 people, although in reality it was only approved for 19 “.

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