Coronavirus, contagion alarm in Europe: the countries where you return to lockdown (and the less you vaccinate, the more you die)

The Green pass model used by Italy in its response to the Coronavirus emergency could also be imitated abroad. In the face of new variants and a number of infections that in some countries, including European ones, are again seeing exponential growth. The variant AY.4.2 is frightening – some haggard cases have been registered in Italy, present in Russia: and Moscow will in fact return to lockdown from Thursday 28 October. What makes the difference are the different timing of the vaccination campaigns that bring different effects and different responses in the various countries. With a basic truth: the more you vaccinate, the less you die.


EPA/JOHANNA GERON | Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg in Brussels, Belgium, October 22, 2021.

Meanwhile, Austria announces a de facto green pass through its chancellor Alexander Schallenberg. Translation: in the event of a new wave of health emergency, only people who have not had the Coronavirus vaccine will go into lockdown. “We don’t see the pandemic in the rearview mirror, we are moving towards an unvaccinated pandemic,” explains Schallenberg. «It must be clear to the unvaccinated that they are not only responsible for their own health, but also for that of others. It is not permissible for the health system to be overloaded because of the undecided and waiters ». At the moment there are in the country 224 ICU places occupied: when and if quota will be reached 500 non-vaccinated people will no longer be able to go to bars, restaurants, access sports facilities or cultural events. If you then reached altitude 600 beds occupied in intensive care the unvaccinated will be able to leave only and exclusively to go to work and for reasons of primary necessity.


EPA/MAXIM SHIPENKOV | People waiting for a Covid-19 test in Moscow, Russia, October 21, 2021.

I am 1.075 the deaths related to Covid-19 recorded in Russia in the last 24 hours: this is the record of deaths in a day since the pandemic began. According to Tass, it is also a record for the number of new cases of contagion: 37.678 in 24 hours. I am 8.205.983 the cases of Covid registered since the beginning in the country which has a population of 146 million of people.


It was among the countries that could boast of the best response management to the spread of infections, and with neither 3mil victims since all this began: now, however, the situation in Latvia seems to have changed. I am 864 the cases per 100 thousand inhabitants registered in the country in the last week: this is one of the highest rates in the world. From next Thursday the country returns to lockdown until November 15, with shops closed and gatherings prohibited. It is no better in the other two Baltic republics, Estonia and Lithuania, with more than a thousand cases each 100mila inhabitants in the past two weeks.


EPA/ROBERT GHEMENT | Vaccinations in Bucharest, Romania, 22 October 2021.

In Romania, the night curfew returns from Monday, while health passes become mandatory to enter the vast majority of public places. School children will be sent on vacation for two weeks. The provisional government approved the measures, which in fact extend what was already being done at the local level. There is a record of infections in the country, with hospitals collapsing. And here too the correlation with the vaccination campaign is noted: Romania has the second lowest anti-Covid vaccination rate in the European Union.


epa09540524 A person wearing a face mask looks out a window of the Park Hotel in Carlton as refugee advocates (not pictured) participate in a ‘Healthcare not detention’ rally across the road at Lincoln Square in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 23 October 2021. Demonstrators gathered outside Melbourne’s Park hotel to stand in solidarity with those living in detention and to call for immediate freedom and healthcare. Australian Border Force (ABF) confirmed on 22 October, that 15 detainees at a Melbourne alternative place of detention (APOD) have tested positive for COVID-19. EPA/DANIEL POCKETT AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND OUT

Millions of people in Melbourne are preparing to get out of the world’s longest lockdown on Thursday, he says Reuters, though cases are nearing record highs, with pubs, restaurants and cafes rushing to replenish supplies before reopening. Since the beginning of August, residents in Australia’s second largest city have been closed – to fight an outbreak caused by the Delta variant. Institutions had explained that the lockdown would be eased when 70% of people over 16 vaccinated with both doses in Victoria were reached. So it was, as premier Scott Morrison said. Further restrictions will be relaxed upon reaching 80% and 90% vaccinations.

Fewer vaccines, more victims

According to the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, more vaccines mean fewer victims, and this brings Italy to the top of European countries. Those who died with two doses of the vaccine were ‘hyperfragile’, had a higher average age than people without vaccine (85.5 versus 78.3) and with more pathologies (5.0 versus 3.9 pre -existing). In Russia, the percentage of people who have completed the vaccination course is 35%, due to the lack of confidence in the middle. In France and the United Kingdom of the 75%, in Italy dl 76%, in Germany by 68%. Spain is better than us, with81% he is alone” 21 deaths recorded in the last 24 hours.


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