Iconize publishes dialogues with Soleil Sorge on the fake homophobic aggression

That it had been a fake homophobic assault had already been understood for a while. It had been right Soleil Rises to tell, guest by Barbara D’Urso, that Iconize he would have gotten a black eye thanks to frozen food. No attacker who was angry with him for his homosexuality. Nothing at all, if not the search for a news that caused a sensation and that could be a reason to be hosted in the various television broadcasts.

I know Marco Ferrero had come out of this story completely “in pieces”, accused by the spectators and the social people, the best figure was that made by worries, who had reported the incident. Yet many had criticized her too, for how she had betrayed what was a very dear friend of hers.

In the last few hours, it was theinfluence Deianira Marzano, that he told quite another reality, attributing the idea of ​​the fake homophobic aggression to the gieffina. And just a few minutes ago same Iconize was keen to have his say.

I’m here to give some explanations. There are people who say: “Why are you just saying that now, that Soleil is it to the Gf? Do you want to enter the Gf? Do you want to go on television?“. Not so, otherwise these chats and these audios I would have given them in the hands of journalists to make some money. You did three months of shows where I was never there. I’ve only been on television once, to apologize. Then I moved away from this story.

It’s true, I could have released the audio at the time, but I didn’t feel like it, I closed up like a hedgehog. Everyone reacts in their own way. Now, after months, it is true, the timing is wrong, she is al Gf, but if you think about it she did the same thing with me and in my moment of weakness she went to sp ** an me all over Italy. Making money on it. By earning it.

So he posted the first chat with the worries, where you hear an audio of her saying:

So, if we have to talk about acting, I love, you were too sgam … no, not sgamabile, on the contrary. In everything you said, absolutely not. But you looked … you weren’t looking at the camera enough, you were all a bit down, you were a bit limp. However, there is in the situation. It could have been that you were sad. And you watched constantly Giorgio. Every two words you said, you looked Giorgio. I would correct that if I were you. You have to think about the physical thing, the physical language. Because in that case there, if any psychologist etc looks at you you could see that you were making up what you were saying. But we are talking about the D’urso, we are talking about such a service. So absolutely. Indeed, the service they gave you was wonderful. It was amazing the whole video thing, as they called you. Beautiful.

Iconize continued:

Dated May 13, 2020. Here are his other messages where he asks me “Love, how long are you going live?“. She who sends me photos while watching me live, where she writes to me “I loved hahahah” e “Eventually mom and I both ‘wheeeeowhhh, it’s gone“. Many of you tell me that I should be silent. I broke my cog ** ni to be silent. She’s too bitch. That said, I don’t want to start any media circus. Indeed, I want to put a stop to this story, because I finally had the courage to tell the truth. I didn’t make it before, I’ve been silent for too long. While she was spitting on me, I also managed to be a friend and not let these messages go out.

Below, here are the videos with all the details:

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