Casamonica, the confiscated 4 million euro villas will become housing for carabinieri

The three houses of the Casamonica evacuated in via Caldopiano 80, on the outskirts of Rome, will become service quarters for the carabinieri. Upon the arrival of the Carabinieri of the Frascati Group, two families were found inside the buildings and checks are underway to clarify for what reason they were there. The land and villas were attributable to Gelsomina Di Silvio, former wife of Ferruccio Casamonica.

The confiscation became definitive with the ruling of the Court of Cassation of 16 December 2015. The buildings will be used as service accommodation for the Departments employees of the provincial Carabinieri command of Rome who will immediately take possession of the property to avoid the danger of a new occupation of the premises by the same subjects and also to avoid episodes of vandalization, which occurs frequently.

To describe the operation made yesterday in detail, the commander of the Frascati Group, Alberto Raucci: “As regards the value of the confiscation, it is important to distinguish two aspects, the economic value, certainly important because we are talking about four real estate units, two single-family villas , a semi-detached house, the value of which is approximately four million euros. The most important aspect is another, it is the value that this type of activity has: the fact that the State is able to strike first with personal precautionary measures and with measures, even with sentences, certain subjects and then also manages to take possession of their assets and allocate them to the interest of the community. At the moment the destination of these villas as service accommodation for the Carabinieri has already been defined “.

“This house was owned by Gelsomina Di Silvio, currently detained and already the recipient of a precautionary detention order in prison in the last operation of the Carabinieri of the Carabinieri Nucleo of Frascati, for which she was sentenced in first instance for aggravated extortion”, adds. Gelsomina Di Silvio, known as Silvana, is the former partner of Ferruccio Casamonica. Her deeds have been read about both in the papers of the ‘Gramigna’ operation and in the one ‘We Protect Rome’.

The houses have in some cases been vandalized. “It may happen that subjects whose assets are seized before they are confiscated carry out similar actions – he concludes – It is like wanting to send a signal to those who will take possession of the property”, explains Raucci who adds: “A husband and wife while, in another lived a couple with two children. We are hearing the people who were inside the houses to be able to carry out further activities “. As for the Casamonica, Raucci adds: “I understand that one of Casamonica’s daughters was here until a few months ago”.

“The assignment to the Carabinieri – explains the Prefecture that coordinated the operation – has a highly symbolic value to reaffirm the presence of the State in the places previously occupied by organized crime. The reuse of the confiscated property for social or institutional purposes, in fact, not only does it represent the return to the community of the stolen goods, but elevates the good itself to a safeguard of legality “.

Great satisfaction, also expressed by the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese: “The release of these buildings reaffirms the presence of the State in places with a strong criminal influence and it is particularly significant that they are simultaneously assigned to the Carabinieri , thus making it possible to strengthen the legal safeguards in the area “.

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