Cancer and Capricorn still in queue

Cancer and Capricorn still in queue
Cancer and Capricorn still in queue

Here we are as always with the ranking of the luckiest signs and with the horoscope for the week from 25 to 31 October 2021. While the Sun enters the sign of Scorpio, the other fast planets remain in their already conquered position: Venus in Sagittarius it is free and independent while Mars and Mercury in Libra fight for fairness.

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It is now highly discouraged by all experts to start the week without first having taken a look at the ranking of the luckiest signs. Here we are then to reveal to you who will still be able to enjoy a cheeky fortune in the week from 25 to 31 October 2021 with Venus in Sagittarius, Mars and Mercury in Libra but the Sun that has moved into the water sign of Scorpio.

Horoscope, the ranking of lucky signs for next week

With the Sun entering the zodiac sign of Scorpio, we also celebrate Halloween or the feast for the commemoration of the dead. As it happens Pluto, the planet that rules the sign of Scorpio, is the planet that symbolizes hades, the afterlife and death. But always remember that where there is death symbolically there is always a new life. Last astrological technical info: this is the last week of Mars in Libra which on October 31st reaches the Sun in Scorpio.

12. Cancer

To celebrate Halloween, you don’t even have to put too much effort into hair and makeup because your natural expression is scary enough on its own. In fact, you really want to see us all dead and not just sprinkled with ketchup-flavored fake blood! Let’s face it that you no longer hold this Mars that makes you very unpleasant and very bad, you who just want to be as sweet as a marshmellow in hot chocolate.

11. Capricorn

Also this week you have no intention of making an effort to be nice and, indeed, if someone were to stumble in front of you, you would burst into laughter in the face of the politically correct. The fact is that all this tension of Mars against you no longer knows if it makes you treacherous and even a little sadistic or definitely exhausted. In any case, your only ideal location is the duvet.

10. Aries

All you had to say and do you already said and did last week when the full moon was also there to urge you. Now just like the wolf after the big game you just want to go digest in your cave, maybe even with a wolf to cuddle you. Why not forget that if Mars annoys you there is always Venus (in favor) ready to give you a sugar.

9. Virgo

You feel in a good mood and attractive as when you leave the visit to the dietician in which you had to confess that you have been out of order and also quite a lot … The fact is that with Venus that bothers you you have no desire for stiffness and you almost even question the your firm loyalty to any kind of interpersonal relationship. Let the boyfriends be calm because your betrayals will be at their best with the beautician for a nice relaxing massage or, even better, with friends for an evening of particularly vipers gossip.

8. Pisces

The bad thing about having Venus in quadrature is that you feel as attractive as a faucet with your legs and in the morning your torments start in front of the wardrobe to continue throughout the day in front of the blue WhatsApp ticks that seem to really do not want to give you peace. Even just sending an emoticon with eyes to heart is the result of hours and hours of indecisive second thoughts.

7. Gemini

The thing you will hate to do the most these days will be waiting: whether it is the girlfriend who is finishing her make-up, the lady at the supermarket checkout who arranges the items in the shopping bags with a little too much care or the bus that does not pass. never, in all cases, your complaints could definitely exceed the limit. Indeed, precisely those amorous expectations that usually teased you now irritate you like the first colds on your hands.

6. Toro

Enjoy these last few days of peace where you feel sprawled on the sofa on Sunday afternoon after a five-course lunch at least when no one around you seems to be threatening your undisputed power over the remote. Here, these days you will not feel threatened even by the convocation of the general meeting in the office or by a registered letter left by the postman in the mailbox.

5. Scorpio

Your season, dear Scorpio, is returning and you, after weeks of meditating and feeling helpless as a chilli pepper in oil, are now ready to be thrown into the sauté of a spaghetti alla puttanesca. All the physical and mental faculties (and obviously also the erotic ones) are awakening, a bit like when the blood circulation returns after tingling in the legs. In fact, now you’re ready to kick around like a cancan dancer!

4. Leone

Enjoy this last week of feeling sexy and glamorous like Marylin Monroe when she steps down the ladder in a hot pink dress in “Men Prefer Blondes”. You too will be all swaying and glancing and will not wait to respond with flirtatious giggles to anyone who pays you a compliment. It is really true that even praise must be able to accept it and you know how to do it better than a cup of milk that welcomes cereals.

3. Libra

I advise you to take advantage of this feeling of fearless audacity until the last day: you do not seem to be afraid of anything and you throw yourself into situations with the same desire as a potato that happily plunges into a hot oil fryer. You have not been seen like this since the days of the student struggles when you falsified the justification secretly after skipping school to take to the streets. What adrenaline.

2. Aquarius

This feeling of being perfect for any situation, topic, interlocutor better than a power strip with universal adapter will last a few more days so, knowing you, I know that you will not waste time and try to flirt, with or without ulterior motives, with as many people as possible. I have no doubt that they will all be bewitched by you.

1. Sagittario

It will be absolutely impossible to upset your good mood because you feel lucky like Gastone, Donald’s lucky cousin, and even if something should apparently go wrong you will respond with a smile, sure that at the last moment a parachute will open and even that they will arise. even better situations.

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