in the viewfinder the words on the rose

in the viewfinder the words on the rose
in the viewfinder the words on the rose

The time for misunderstandings is over. He thought about it Mourinho to reveal what a Trigoria everyone knows but no one says. In other words, the purchasing campaign, beyond the initial public promotion, did not fully satisfy him. From the point of view of the coach, three players are missing (a right-back, a central defender and a midfielder); in society more than in the summer it was difficult to ask. The Special One, however, went further on Thursday, defeating half of the squad without reserve. A move that has displaced Pinto who only a couple of hours earlier had reiterated to Sky a communion of intent demolished by dint of statements by his compatriot. It is not an easy time for the general manager.

Friedkin and Mourinho, phone call and tension

Yesterday, for example, he preferred to renounce attending the Colalucci prize, “for the respect I have for the fans of Roma and Roma itself, which does not allow me to withdraw this honor in the aftermath of such a painful evening for all of us”. Pinto is in fact the corporate front-man chosen by the Friedkin to represent them. But beyond the prestigious role, he remains an intermediary. In fact, everything in Rome passes through Dan and Ryan, exceptions are not allowed. Even on the market, a reason for the dispute.

Trial in Rome (or in Mourinho?)

And in this sense there is a background that helps better understand Mourinho’s nervousness. This summer, when the Xhaka hypothesis failed, Roma had the opportunity to borrow Anguissa. But also for this type of operation (which Napoli then closed for 400 thousand euros) Pinto received a stop from the property: before an entry there was a need for one between Villar and Diawara. Since no sale was released, the Guinean, according to the GM, could make up for the numerical gap. The Special One has a different opinion: the use that (not) is doing it, is the demonstration of it.
Returning to the ko in Norway, it was badly digested by the Friedkins who were not present in Trigoria yesterday. The property – which is considering compensating the 400 or so fans who followed the team in Bodo – nevertheless heard Mourinho by phone and as often happens, only second-hand reactions came from the wall erected by the US tandem. From the whispers that have circulated anyway, José’s words did not please. Also because the technician had already spoken privately with both of them, so it is useless to reiterate them so directly in public. Not to mention that by asserting that Bodo Glimt has more quality than the players fielded by Roma, at least 6-7 have been depreciated whose sale could be preparatory to the arrivals requested in January.

Bodo Glimt-Roma, Mourinho: “It’s all my responsibility”

Mou’s words, however, have the merit of clearing the field of middle ground: either you follow him, satisfying him, or you take into consideration the idea that he is not the right man for the project in place. In such a rough sea, the only thing that reassured Pinto and the property is that the separation of the group, at the moment, seems averted. In the post-race, Pellegrini and Mancini talked to the team, trying to reunite what José had taken steps to unstuck. Forty-five minutes in which the two players reiterated how the defeat was for everyone, especially heartening Kumbulla and Mayoral, among the most targeted by the coach. Now the thought must be to win the next three games. Will it be enough? In society they hope so. Also because January is still two months away.


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