Pixel 6 and limited marketing: here are the reasons

Pixel 6 and limited marketing: here are the reasons
Pixel 6 and limited marketing: here are the reasons

The smartphones of the series Google Pixel 6 are undoubtedly among the phones currently most desired and, after months of anticipations, at the beginning of this week the time has finally come for their official launch and we already know that they will also arrive in our country in the first months of next year.

At present, in fact, the new smartphones of the Mountain View giant are only available in some markets and the Google team has confirmed that for now the situation is not destined to change.

There is a reason for the limited launch of the Google Pixel 6

Google’s choice to postpone the more widespread marketing of the Google Pixel 6 series smartphones to a later date is dictated by various reasons and among the main ones there would be the lack of components that the mobile market has been experiencing for several months now: in essence, the problem is always the same that other manufacturers have also had to face and because of which several projects have been changed during the race.

A Google protavoce explained that, however, there are several factors for which the Mountain View giant is not able to make both smartphones available in all countries, adding that the company continues to work hard to create the models of the series. Google Pixel 6, all with the aim of being able to bring them in more markets in the future.

Recall that among the main strengths of Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro there is software support: the Google team, in fact, has promised users the release of operating system updates until October 2024 (and this should mean Android 15) and security patches until October 2026.

As for prices, finally, in Europe (and therefore also in Italy) Google Pixel 6 should be sold for 649 euros while Google Pixel 6 Pro should cost 899 euros. We’ll see.


Pixel limited marketing reasons

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