“Fi-Pi-Li troubles? Age and too much traffic.” And now worry about the water under the road

Florence, 23 October 2021 – «It is necessary intervene on the Fi-Pi-Li not only for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, but also to carry out new water regulation interventions ». Massimo Fratini, leader of the Democratic Party in the Metropolitan City, the competent body on the road, takes stock of the situation, after the subsidence of the asphalt on Thursday. And it confirms the crucial issue of water management, stressed several times by the residents.

On the Fi-Pi-Li between Ginestra and Lastra there have been four subsidence and dips since January. is there a problem at that point?
«The criticalities have different entities and characteristics. The disaster in January 2021 was a landslide that significantly involved a large area, beyond the freeway. The causes are not attributable to the use of the artery but to hydrogeological conditions of a larger area. In the localized depressions, however, the correlation with the age of the Fi-Pi-LI is certain (the first sections are from 1970) and with the very high traffic, which is unmatched even in the motorway sections. To eliminate these criticalities, deep rehabilitation interventions of the flooring package, the sub-base and the embankment are required on all the areas where no works have been carried out in the last 10 years “.

After the last interventions, do you think the problem is solved or can it repeat itself?
«The interventions have solved the problem of the instability at km 10 + 500 and those connected to the punctual depressions, even if in some cases constant monitoring is foreseen in order to be able to intervene immediately in the event of new criticalities. To solve the problem of deterioration, rehabilitation interventions are necessary for large sections, in particular in the areas not touched by the works of the years 2005/2008 ».

Residents of the hills of Lastra a Signa claim that the Fi-Pi-Li was built on a series of small streams. Do the episodes of recent months confirm this thesis?
«The hydrogeological conditions of part of the areas affected by the Fi-Pi-Li present critical situations not linked to actual watercourses, but certainly to the presence of water to be regimented, or to be collected and directed correctly towards watercourses. These interventions were perhaps not carried out with the utmost care at the time of the construction of the road and therefore today it is necessary to intervene, as well as to carry out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, also to carry out totally from scratch water regulation interventions ».

How can the situation be handled in the long run?
«To ensure the functionality of the Fi-Pi-Li, which is now old and designed for traffic different from the current one, extensive interventions are required for extraordinary maintenance. Obviously, adaptation works would also be necessary, such as insertion of the emergency lane or widening of the carriageways, punctual changes of the route. The interventions to be carried out are the same as those carried out on the motorways ».

Are there other critical points beyond Lastra a Signa?
“There are various traits under control. Every day, in some cases several times a day, surveillance activities are carried out; the monitoring of the structures is periodic and frequent ».

Interventions planned in the coming months?
«The replacement of two joint lines on the branch for Livorno; the remaking of the pavements, during the night, at the Empoli Ovest and Pontedera junctions, as well as on the Santa Croce-San Miniato and Ginestra-Lastra a Signa sections ».

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