Coronavirus today. Germany, increasing weekly incidence, is the highest since May


Vaccine: Fedriga, north-east is historically less sensitive

“The whole North East is historically less sensitive to vaccines, with low rates”. But in the Covid case, “the coverage is high and we are expanding it as much as possible” not only as a Fvg but also as a regional system. Thus the president of the Fvg Region and of the Conference of Regions, Massimiliano Fedriga, answered a question about the low vaccination rates and, on the contrary, the high numbers of diffusion of Covid in Fvg, during the radio broadcast on Saturday too, on Radio1. “It is extremely dangerous to say that Covid does not exist or is little more than a flu, I have seen the hospitals full and the impossibility for other patients to be treated. A cancer patient cannot be told to return after some time because the hospitals are full. Today we have a weapon, which is the vaccine, we have to use it ”. On Salvini’s role in this area, Fedriga said that the secretary of the Carroccio “has tried to keep the country system together, now in any case to get out of the pandemic, it is wrong to create divisions”. According to the president of the Conference, “there is a radical no vax fringe on which I fear we have few instruments of conviction, but many have approached these out of fear, because perhaps they have been told that the vaccine is dangerous, and these we must convince them. “The remedy was reiterated by Fedriga:” We must avoid clashes, I appeal to all political forces, including mine, in this sense. Institutions must achieve the objectives “.


Coronavirus today Germany increasing weekly incidence highest

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