Yo soy Mateo! The best Salvini is the one you don’t want to be heard

Yo soy Mateo! The best Salvini is the one you don’t want to be heard
Yo soy Mateo! The best Salvini is the one you don’t want to be heard

Criticism of Meloni, government responsibility, a bet on Draghi, no early vote, team with Cav. The leafy audios on the Lega show that there is another Salvini away from the Beast and the squares

To call him a quasi-statesman is perhaps too much, because basically we are always talking about a politician who tried to conquer Italy by asking for full powers for himself while he was in his underwear in a Romagna nightclub, but to define him instead, on this occasion, more measured, more prudent, more responsible, more aware and even more circumspect, it is by no means an exaggeration. And anyone who has had the opportunity to listen to the formidable audio published by the Foglio and recorded on Thursday afternoon by our Ruggiero Montenegro, who disguised himself as a hedge and infiltrated the assembly of the Lega parliamentarians at the Sala Umberto Theater in Rome, will have had the distinct feeling of to hear a politician speak who in private appears much more circumspect than he is in public (including the green pass, rigorously checked by all the members of the League). And you certainly don’t need to listen to all the footage, as Meloni would say, to understand a simple truth: if Matteo Salvini had the courage to say in public what he confided to his parliamentarians, the possibilities of future redemption for the League would be infinitely superior to those of today.

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soy Mateo Salvini dont heard

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