Artistic gymnastics world championships, Nicola Bartolini surprise gold in the free body –

Artistic gymnastics world championships, Nicola Bartolini surprise gold in the free body –
Artistic gymnastics world championships, Nicola Bartolini surprise gold in the free body –
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Resounding result at the Kitakyushu world championship: Italy returns to the top of the world 24 years after Juri Chechi’s gold in Lausanne 1997

Italy on top of the world in Japan. At the Art World Championships in progress in Kitakyushu, Nicola Bartolini gold for the free body surprise: the 25 year old born in Cagliari closed his triumphal year with 14,800 points; silver medal for the Japanese Kazuki Minami with 14,766 points and bronze to the Finnish Emil Soravuo with 14,700. A sensational end of the season for the Sardinian gymnast, who as the best result before this exploit boasted a bronze at the last European Championships in Basel, last April.

Nicknamed Bartoleddu

Originally from Quartu Sant’Elena, Bartolini began doing artistic gymnastics at the age of four:

I was a hyperactive child, my mom had no doubts about enrolling in gymnastics and deciding which sport to let me do. Nicola’s senior career, nicknamed Bart or Bartoleddu, which began in 2014 with the participation in the World Cup in Nanning, China. A serious shoulder injury prevented him from participating in the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics and that was not the only hitch on the road to world crowning: again due to injuries, the blue was forced to miss the 2018 Absolutes and another surgery on his left shoulder became necessary in November 2019, when he had to remain stationary for three months.

The Tokyo Olympics vanished due to a technicality

And even the Tokyo 2020 Games, postponed for a year by the pandemic, escaped him due to a technicality: qualified Marco Lodadio and Ludovico Edalli through the 2019 World Cup, in fact, there was the possibility of obtaining a third pass, which would have been due by right to Nicola Bartolini, thanks to the European bronze (which was not enough to officially snatch the ticket for Japan). All hopes were pinned in the World Cup of specialties in Doha, Qatar, where the right joints would have been enough to be rescued. Instead in Doha Eleutherios Petrounias (reigning Olympic champion in the rings) played a bad joke on Bartolini: the Greek in fact snatched the pass for Tokyo and handed it right to the Chinese parallelist You Hao. This interlocking game excluded the Russian Vladyslav Poliashov from the Olympics, who instead, if he had conquered him, would have automatically opened the doors to Bartolini as well. Quibbles of the regulation.

The idol Uchimura and reality TV

Growing up with the goal of imitating the idol Kohei Uchimura in mind, the Japanese legend who in Tokyo, last August, failed to secure the fourth Olympic title of his career by falling in the qualifications of the exercise at the bar, Nicola between 2014 and 2016 was among the protagonists of the reality TV Ginnaste, vita parallele, which told the days of a group of Italian gymnasts (at the center of the story Carlotta Ferlito) at the technical center of Milan.

I do not believe it!

Athlete of the Pro Patria Bustese, on the carpet of the Japanese World Cup Bart first drew a diagonal block, with a slight inaccuracy on the third. Then he no longer made a mistake: behind him end up the Filipino Carlos Yulo, largely in the lead in qualifying, the Japanese Kazuki (tied second with Nicola in the qualifying) and the Korean Ryu. I do not believe it! Bartolini blurted out – tuft of hair, very tattooed, earrings – at the end of the exercise that consigns him to the history of world artistic gymnastics. all true, however, and Italy returns to the top of the world 24 years after Yuri Chechi’s gold in the rings at the 1997 World Cup in Lausanne.

Alessia D’Amato silver in the vaulting

It rains medals for Italy at the World Gymnastics Championships in Kitakyushu, Japan. After Nicola Bartolini’s splendid gold in the free body comes also Asia D’Amato’s silver medal in vaulting. The blue closes with a score of 14,083. Gold medal to the Brazilian Rebeca Andrade with 14,966 points, bronze to the Russian Angelina Melnikova with 13,966.

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