Influenza vaccine even in pharmacies: here is who will be able to receive the dose

Influenza vaccine even in pharmacies: here is who will be able to receive the dose
Influenza vaccine even in pharmacies: here is who will be able to receive the dose

The flu vaccine also administered in pharmacies. And so, after the anti-Covid tampons and serums, the services provided to citizens are expanded. With the signing of the memorandum of understanding between the Government, the Regions, the Autonomous Provinces, Federfarma and Assofarm, the administration of the flu vaccine in pharmacies is started.

Who can be vaccinated at the pharmacy

At the pharmacy, all citizens of age will be able to get vaccinated, even those for whom the vaccination is offered free of charge by the Health Service. Therefore, citizens who do not have pathologies will be able to receive the dose, who will be able to buy the vaccine at the pharmacy and have it administered by the pharmacist himself and also those who have pathologies and are among the most fragile categories for which the flu vaccine is already insured free of charge. Health workers, the over 65, the chronically ill, pregnant women, doctors, teachers, law enforcement agencies and blood donors fall into the latter range.

Vaccine in the pharmacy, the procedure

First, the medical history will be carried out, then the patient’s informed consent will be acquired and finally the inoculation will take place. The administration will be carried out in complete safety in dedicated areas, inside or outside the pharmacy, and will also be possible during closing hours. 19 million doses have been ordered this year.

Influenza vaccine in the pharmacy, Federfarma

“I thank the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza for having wanted to enhance, once again, the professionalism of the pharmacist and the new model of pharmacy services, which is confirmed as a fundamental link between citizens and the National Health Service” says the president of Federfarma Marco Cossolo. “This memorandum of understanding – he continues -, as well as the Framework Agreement for the administration of anti-Covid vaccines and the Protocol for the execution of antigen tests, reaffirms the role played by Italian pharmacies as a local health center on territory since the beginning of the pandemic “. “Thanks to the agreement reached, pharmacies will make a decisive contribution to the expansion of vaccination coverage against influenza, as they are already doing for vaccination coverage against Covid, putting our country in line with European best practices” declares the national secretary of Federfarma Roberto Tobia.

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Influenza vaccine pharmacies receive dose

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