it’s the first time in Europe, that’s where

it’s the first time in Europe, that’s where
it’s the first time in Europe, that’s where

For the first time in Europe a nation legalizes the cultivation of cannabis for personal use. The Luxembourg adopts a radical change in the fight against drugs by becoming the first European country to legalize the production and consumption of marijuana. Discouraging it hasn’t worked so far, so now the goal is hit the illegal market. The Luxembourg government has announced that adults over 18 will be able to grow up to four cannabis plants in their homes or gardens for personal use.

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The trade in seeds without limits on the quantity or level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the most important active ingredient. The ban on the consumption and transportation of cannabis or cannabis products in public and the trade, excluding seeds, will be maintained. At the same time the consumption and transport of up to 3 grams will no longer be considered a crime, but classified as illegal. With fines reduced to 25 euros. Above 3 grams, on the other hand, nothing will change and you will be considered drug dealers, and zero tolerance for motorists will remain. “We thought we had to act, we have a problem with drugs, cannabis is the most used and it is a large part of the illegal market,” explained Justice Minister Sam Tamson, stressing that this is a first step towards more regulation. radical on this front.

In fact, a state-regulated production and distribution system is envisaged to guarantee the quality of the product. With revenues from sales to be invested “mainly in prevention, information and health care in the vast field of addictions”government sources explained. The general framework for the revision of the law was agreed two years ago by a coalition made up of liberals, social democrats and greens. With this turning point, Luxembourg joins Uruguay (the first country in the world to create a legal national market in 2013), Canada and 11 US states. In the rest of Europe, only the Netherlands has a policy of tolerance towards the use of cannabis. While continuing to consider illegal possession.

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