But why aren’t a degree and a qualification enough to be a general practitioner?

by Marica Scuderi

22 OTTDear Director,
I read “The Viceroys of Primary Medicine” by my colleague Enzo Bozza, whose content and style I appreciated. In confirmation of your arguments, I would just like to add some reflections. The profile of the current mature conventionalist, well described by Dr. Bozza, is however that of a doctor who has not been qualified in any training school in General Medicine (since at the time of his access to the convention it was not legally required) but who instead very often he has a university specialization.

That is general practitioners who in many cases have achieved specializations in dermatology, cardiology, endocrinology, gynecology, etc. , thus finding oneself for personal and various cases of life in a situation of waste, by now ancient, of resources and skills…! And perhaps, for some, with a hint of nostalgic frustration …

Obviously, in addition to absent thirteenth sick leave, the General Medicine contract does not even provide for TFR.

To cultivate the vegetable garden, or his small personal company, the GP inevitably finds himself in a position of latent blackmail: if he does not “satisfy” the patient / client in almost all of the often inadequate requests and demands under the pressure of media inductions of every type risks losing it… by virtue of the perverse choice / revocation mechanism that resonates well with the escort comparison.

I conclude with an absolutely personal question: I cannot understand why, after 6 years of Master’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery and related qualification, there is a need to do a training school in General Medicine. Isn’t six years of university studies enough to make a general practitioner? Obviously, unaware of everything and everyone, whoever graduates in Medicine and Surgery today brings to the conclusion only a second step of high school.

Marica Scuderi
MMG Rome

October 22, 2021
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