Accident at work in Rovigo: Paolo Merlin died crushed by a railway wagon

Accident at work in Rovigo: Paolo Merlin died crushed by a railway wagon
Accident at work in Rovigo: Paolo Merlin died crushed by a railway wagon

Rovigo, 22 October 2021 – Another dramatic accident at work. To lose the life is a 61-year-old worker of Stanghella (Padua): Paolo Merlin, died at Loreo (Rovigo) crushed by a railway wagon.
The incident occurred within a shed used as a workshop mechanics of the Adriatica Spa company. According to initial information, the man was hit by a moving railway wagon and reported very serious trauma. There was no way to save his life.

On site are interventions i carabinieri and the Spisal of the Polesana Ulss5. The company area, the shed and the railway wagons were placed under seizure for investigation of the case.

The victim was part of one team that included three other colleagues, all employees of Logyca Umf Srl of Udine, specialized in activities related to the maneuvers of railway vehicles. The Friulian company had contracted for the movement of freight wagons from the Polesian company which has its own site in Loreo.

The reconstruction of the accident

Thus, even today, the four workers were above the five wagons loaded with fertilizers, carried by a pressure system, which ‘accompanies’ them inside the shed. Before access they all had to get off the wagons, that moved at a walking pace, and reach the inside of the structure on foot, and then deal with the emptying of the compounds for fertilizing the soil.
It is not yet known what exactly happened. For now, the carabinieri are not ruling out a human error: it is The victim may not have been able to get off on time from the wagon or that it slipped, ending up low on the rails, and being overwhelmed by the means.
Man, with devastating injuries to the legs and face, died instantly. Colleagues immediately raised the alarm. The Spisal of the Polesana Ulss5 arrived on the spot and the carabinieri who, after informing the judicial authority, seized the company area, the shed and the railway wagons.

The previous

The fatal accident at work is the second in a few days to have occurred in Veneto. Last night the Paduan worker died Luisa Scapin, 62 years old, of Villa del Conte, which three days earlier in San Giorgio in Bosco (Padua) had been stuck with the coat in a cable-winding machine, which had dragged her towards the gears, suffocating her. A colleague had tried to revive her by giving her a heart massage. Then the hospitalization, and last night the death occurred. The owner of the company was investigated for manslaughter. Another accident at work, fortunately without serious consequences, also occurred today in
Belluno. An 80-year-old from Feltre, while he was making wood on Mount Pafagai at an altitude of 800 meters, overturned with the tractor and suffered a broken leg.

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