Rossella is disappointed by Silvia

Anticipations “Un Posto al Sole”, episode of 22 October 2021. What will we see in the new episode of the Neapolitan soap opera on Rai 3 at 8.40pm? Silvia spends the night at Giancarlo’s house taking advantage of Michele and Rossella’s absence, but an unexpected event happens. It will be hard for Rossella to accept reality.

Filippo can’t understand why Serena be so angry with him.

The Cirillo, now more and more convinced that her husband is with her only out of a sense of duty, she will find herself in a situation that she did not expect.

After various reticence Silvia agrees to spend the night at Giancarlo, taking advantage of the absence of Michele and her daughter, but an unexpected event risks bringing her out into the open.

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Rossella by chance he understands everything and struggles to accept the discovery that his mother has betrayed his father.

Silvia she will experience a moment of strong tension even with her lover.

Rossella, meanwhile, may have piqued the interest of Mattia. Is it in danger?

Adele will find that getting rid of Mauro it’s not so easy.

Susanna she woke up from a coma.

Niko Adele Susanna awakening

The condition of the young woman kept everyone in suspense, arousing conflicting emotions.

There are those who could get in trouble if there Picardi remembered the face of his attacker.

However for the moment Susanna she doesn’t seem to be able to remember who it is who hurt her.

Nobody he can finally talk to her and he declares his true feelings to her.

Niko upas 8

Jimmy is more and more tenderly in love with Cristina, the daughter of Roberto Ferri, the only woman his father can’t say no to.

The uncle Franco help the grandson to carry out his titanic enterprise to conquer Cristina, dribbling her father, Irons, who is very protective and jealous.

With astonishment, Guido met Hope in Naples.

The niece of Mariella is back in town.

Mariella upas 2
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“A Place in the Sun” airs from Monday to Friday on Rai 3 every 20.40.

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