Ostia, assignment of 37 bathing establishments: surprises in the ranking

47 applications were submitted for the 37 bathing establishments put up for auction from the X Municipality in compliance with the directive Bolkestein and as opposed to law 145 of the state (read here). The ranking has been made public and it turns out that no offers have been submitted for 13 beaches.

There are 47 applications to take over the concession of 37 bathing establishments in Ostia. No question for 13. Here’s who wins

As is known, the X Town Hall last year decided to ban before 37 (read here) then others 9 maritime state-owned concessions (read here). It is about bathing establishments, kiosks and the small port of the fishermen’s village. Unlike what you did by neighboring municipalities of Fiumicino and Pomezia (read here) and most of the coastal municipalities, the administration of Ostia has decided that Law 145 of automatic renewal until 2033 is not applicable and therefore the European Bolkestein directive which provides for the auctioning of expired and non-renewed concessions has prevailed.

The commission, which took office on 11 June last, examined the offers received regularly by 15 March and established the following ranking on 21 October:

Stab.to Aneme and core (lot 1): Maritime Republics;

Arcobaleno beach (lotto 2): BM Service;

The shell (lotto 3): Tapas and Tapas;

Battistini (lotto 6) Ro.Y.Al.Tur .;

Delfino (lot 7): ASD coastal sports club;

Belsito (lotto 8): Lauretta beach;

Mami Cral Municipality (lotto 10): Devies Eva Lucretia A;

The Old Pinewood (lot 11): Roma Levante;

Kursaal (lot 12): Unusual Night & Day by Gennaro Arena;

Afterwork Atac (lot 14): ASD Ricreat. Cult. Energy;

The butterfly (lot 15): Falchetti Gabriele;

The Palm (lotto 18): Delano Srls;

V-Lounge (lotto 19): G.B. Srla;

The cottage (lot 21): Habicura Srl;

The compass (lot 22): Ve.Da. Srl;

The beach of Bettina (lot 25): Ecoseaglobe;

The beach (lot 26): Massari Francesca;

Miami State (lot 28): Orizzonte Srls;

The calm (lot 30): Ciocci Leonilde;

Guerrino er Marinaro (lot 31): Fabiana purse;

The corsair (lot 32): of the Vicar Anna Maria;

Flowered island (lotto 33). New Life Srl;

The oasi (lot 36): Agal Srl;

The Marinella (lotto 37): Palm beach.

The establishments without pretenders

The fact that for 13 out of 37 factories, more than a third of those on call, no offers have been submitted it is emblematic of the lack of interest in the bathing sector which, between concession fees, expenses for the TaRi and personnel, does not sail in good waters. In this way, the factories remain outside the assignment: Urbinati, Elmi, Plinius, Orsa Maggiore (Cral Poste), Zenit, Nauticlub Castelfusano, La Caletta, La bicocca, Peppino a mare, La vela, The bungalow, The seagull, The anchor.

Seaside concessions, the Council of State: “The Government decides on the extension to 2033”

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