“The anti Covid vaccines work”, Lazio publishes the data: – 61% intensive and – 74% hospitalizations a year ago

Thus the regional health department on the Health Lazio Facebook page, publishing a series of data.

The anti Covid vaccines in Lazio work. To say it is the Region that has published a series of data, supported by a graphic info, comparing the trend of the curve in hospitals compared to October 2020. “We have 69% fewer daily infections, 61% fewer hospitalized total in intensive care and 74% less total hospitalized “, explain from Pisana.

The report on the state of vaccinations throughout the region was published on the Health Lazio portal. The message was accompanied by three graphs that refer to three elements of data analysis of the over 12 population. These are data relating to those hospitalized in intensive care, less serious patients and the number of daily contagion cases.

Results certified also at European level. Yesterday, in fact, Emilia-Romagna, Lazio, Valle d’Aosta and Basilicata also join the Italian regions that go green in the updated map on the incidence of Covid in Europe, edited by the European Center for Prevention and disease control (ECDC). In all, 12 Italian ‘green’ regions are at low risk of contagion, in addition to the autonomous province of Trento.

In fact, in Lazio, 91% of the adult population has completed the vaccination process, while the population aged 12 and over is 85% fully vaccinated, an excellent result among the highest in Europe.

The anti-vaccination campaign to fight the flu also continues. To date, the general practitioners who have started the administration are 2634 and 130 pediatricians of free choice. The doses of the flu vaccine already delivered are over 714701 and more than 119591 thousand vaccines have been carried out. “The vaccine is free for over 60s, frail subjects and from 6 months to 6 years of age. Just ask your general practitioner or pediatrician of free choice ”, explains the Region.



anti Covid vaccines work Lazio publishes data intensive hospitalizations year

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