The mole in the Lega Nord meeting, Il Foglio deflates the “conspiracy”: that’s who intercepted Salvini’s audio

After posting on the Sheet of the exclusive audio in which Matteo Salvini blurted out against the coalition ally Giorgia Meloni, accused with unfriendly tones of having “acted knowingly to put the League and the center-right in difficulty”, a Mexican stalemate was created in the Carroccio, with mutual accusations of treason among those present at the meeting at the Sala Umberto Theater in Rome. However, there was also the evocation of alleged external “conspiracies” by the press, aimed at weakening the center-right, as well as the possible presence of “bugs under the tables”, as insinuated on Twitter by the Northern League deputy Claudio Borghi. Meanwhile Salvini, as always reported by The paper, had given orders to view all the shots inside the theater, hoping to be able to intercept the (ir) responsible traitor or his – metaphorically speaking – Gaius Cassio, Marco and Decimo Bruto, defining “an idiot” who speaks with journalists of the Sheet, announcing that he would no longer show up at La7, and that he himself would decide who to send on TV. But the deputy director of the Sheet, Salvatore Merlo, who revealed who intercepted Salvini’s audio: a reporter. In short, «there was no conspiracy, no bugs, no betrayals, no audio” stolen “or” stolen “by who knows who, no trap – explains Merlo -. There was only and banally journalism, the simplest and the most expensive and oldest in the world, that is: to go, see and tell ”.


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mole Lega Nord meeting Foglio deflates conspiracy intercepted Salvinis audio

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